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January 29, 2017

Vine is dead; long live Vine?

According to the tech reporters at CNET, the CEO of the massive online pornography site PornHub reached out to Twitter bigwig Jack Dorsey and expressed interest in buying the soon-to-perish micro-video app, thus preventing both our collective sadness at losing many tiny moments of glee and the loss of millions of users’ creative work over the past three years.

Whether the offer is — or was — serious remains in doubt, but PornHub VP Corey Price did express his love for the “Damn Daniel” and “Awkward Puppets” Vines before he mentioned that PornHub would allow NSFW content on their version of the app.

“Six seconds is more than enough time for most people to enjoy themselves,” Price reportedly said with an almost audible wink. Oh, we get it. So, maybe PornHub’s not going to save Vine after all. Or maybe this is a plotline from next season’s Silicon Valley (over to you, Mike Judge). Still, we can dream. And maybe, in some arenas, we should strive for more than six seconds of enjoyment? Just a thought.

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