–Twenty people now charged in corruption probe against drug counsellor

February 22, 2018

Another 19 people have been charged under the IBAC investigation, including Mr Dieni’s grandson, Anthony Joseph Dieni, 26, and Vivien Eden, 59, who was the receptionist at the St Paul’s charity.

She has been charged with perverting the course of justice, accused of providing drug users with her urine samples to submit as evidence that the users were drug free.

Anthony Dieni snr appeared before Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday and was remanded in custody, having had his bail revoked late last year for allegedly trying to elicit money from charities and using his mobile phone without permission from authorities.

He is due to front a hearing later this year that will determine whether he stands trial.

Most of his co-accused separately faced court on Thursday, charged with either perverting the course of justice or drug trafficking, or both. The drugs allegedly trafficked include ice, cocaine, Valium, cannabis, Kalma and Duromine.

Two men were set to plead guilty to drug trafficking charges, the court heard.

Some of the accused are in custody serving unrelated jail terms, the court heard. One woman who was on bail did not appear and magistrate Andrew Capell issued a warrant for her arrest.

Ms Eden is accused of attempting to obtain Valium from a doctor by false representation, and providing Patricia Martin with clean urine samples so Ms Martin could provide them to court as evidence she was not using drugs.

Ms Martin, 30, is charged with drug trafficking and perverting the course of justice in that she allegedly submitted Ms Eden’s urine sample as her own and gave dishonest information to Corrections Victoria.

Anthony Dieni jnr faces charges of drug trafficking and obtaining a prescription for Duromine by false representation. – #1 News in a FLASH

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