| Names for Melbourne’s new train stations revealed as Victorian Government opts for ‘conventional’ approach

December 7, 2017


2017-12-06 03:57:00


December 06, 2017 14:57:25

The Victorian Government has taken a conventional approach in naming Melbourne’s five new train stations, shunning the more colourful public suggestions of Bunnings Sausage, Smashed Avo and D’oh-main.

New train station names

  • Town Hall Station
  • State Library Station
  • Parkville Station
  • Anzac Station
  • North Melbourne Station (Arden)
  • Existing North Melbourne station becomes West Melbourne

The new stations being built as part of the $11 billion Metro Rail Tunnel project will be named Town Hall, State Library, Anzac, Parkville and North Melbourne.

The existing North Melbourne Station will be renamed West Melbourne.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the new names would help residents and tourists navigate their way around the city.

“We always have to remember this is about how people move through the city — not just locals but tourists,” he said.

“People need to be able to able to find where they’re going, make the connection between big landmarks and these stations, and that’s why this common sense approach is the best way to go.”

The Victorian Government received around 50,000 submissions from the public, but ultimately the names were decided by Mr Andrews and Transport Minister Jacinta Allen.

Other suggested names

  • Smashed Avo
  • Bunnings Sausage
  • D’oh-main
  • Dustin Martin
  • Tardis
  • Arden Schwarzenegger
  • Ramsay St

Some of the more creative suggestions included Smashed Avo, Bunnings Sausage, D’oh-Main.

Famous names like Shane Warne, Dustin Martin and Lou Richards were also put forward.

In other parts of the world, calling on the public to name things has been fraught.

Boaty McBoatface was the famous moniker chosen by the public to name a British research ship last year, but the UK Government overruled the decision and went with RRS Sir David Attenborough instead.

When the public was asked to vote on the name of an express train in Sweden, Trainy McTrainface topped the poll.

“Station McStationFace is probably not a great name for a station, but many people disagree with me,” Mr Andrews said.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Bunnings sausage … I’m not a big smashed avo fan.”

Popular HBO series Game of Thrones also received a lot of support, with Winterfell attracting support from the book series author George RR Martin.

“It seems Game of Thrones is even more popular than we thought,” Mr Andrews said.








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