| Man injured by lightning strike, hail storm hits Ipswich and thousands lose power

February 15, 2018


2018-02-15 07:42:38


February 15, 2018 22:54:27

A man has been taken to hospital after he was injured when a bolt of lightning struck the ground beside him near Esk, west of Brisbane, as severe storms battered Ipswich with hail, causing widespread blackouts on Thursday afternoon.

Cassy Bioela posted on the Higgins Storm Chasing Facebook page that her boyfriend Zachary was injured by lightning she thinks hit their clothes line as he was coming inside.

She told the ABC: “I was in my kitchen preparing dinner and it was a catastrophic bang as Zachary was hurrying to get washing off the line.

“When I called out he wasn’t outside and as I got to the laundry door he was getting off the ground and he was in shock over what happened,” she said.

“I don’t think he got hit by the bolt otherwise he would have a mark, but we think it got him from the ground as it was within five metres.”

Ms Bioela said she drove him to Kilcoy Hospital and that he was stable, although in a lot of pain.

Severe thunderstorms dropped large hail stones across Ipswich, west of Brisbane, battering homes and causing significant power outages.

At 5:30pm, more than 3,300 homes in Ipswich had lost power due to the severe weather, while hail 2 centimetres in diameter was also recorded falling in several suburbs of the city, including Flinders View and One Mile.

Power had been restored to most Ipswich properties by 9:45pm.

Further west, golf ball-sized hail was reported south of Gatton and the Atkinson Dam recorded 35 millimetres of rain in less than half an hour.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned large hailstones and damaging winds were likely across much of Somerset, Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay.

Forecaster Sam Campbell said there was some heavy rain to accompany the hail.

“We’ve had some reports of some golf-ball sized hail around Mount Sylvia, to the south of Gatton, 2cm-sized hail around Ipswich,” he said.

“We’ve seen some rainfall rates of about 35 millimetres in 25 minutes and up to 60mm in an hour, so some quite heavy rainfall there as well.”




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February 15, 2018 18:42:38

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