–How jailed New York model became a drug mule for an ex-Vice editor

October 13, 2017

Hidden in his suitcase, which he’d picked up from a stranger in Las Vegas, was 4.7 kilograms of cocaine worth more than $3.7 million.

Carty’s Canadian travel companion, Jordan Gardner, then a successful DJ, and two other young men on the same flight, Robert Wang and Kutiba Senusi, also had millions of dollars worth of drugs stashed inside their luggage.

The four men on Friday were jailed at the Downing Centre District Court for importing a commercial quantity of cocaine in December 2015.

The 20-kilogram haul had a street value of more than $16 million.

Judge Dina Yehia sentenced Senusi, 24, and Gardner, 27, to at least four years and four months in jail.

Wang, 25, was sentenced to at least four years while Carty, 23, received a minimum term of three years and four months.

They’d all been recruited as drug mules by Vice Canada’s then-music editor Slava Pastuk who offered to pay for their trips to Australia and provide spending money.

At a Vice magazine party Carty, who had modelled for Puma, Adidas and Coca-Cola, told Pastuk he’d always wanted to visit Australia.

“I can make that happen,” Pastuk said.

All Carty had to do was take some luggage from America to Australia.

When he and the other young men grew suspicious and tried to back out they were threatened with harm.

Gardner told authorities he believed his family and his girlfriend would be tortured or even killed. The man he met in Las Vegas had “produced a gun menacingly”.

Judge Yehia said the men were “low in the hierarchy of the drug enterprise”.

“These offenders were exploited by people who were ruthless, manipulative and persistent,” she said on Friday.

Carty, the youngest of the four, was immature and “the most naive”.

“He was completely out of his depth,” the judge said.

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She said they were all genuinely remorseful, had excellent prospects of rehabilitation and were unlikely to reoffend.

Carty will be eligible for release in April 2019, Wang will be eligible in December 2019 and Gardner and Senusi in April 2020.

Wang’s travel companion, Porscha Wade, who he claimed was his girlfriend, is due to be sentenced next month for importing cocaine.

Canadian media have reported Toronto police are investigating Pastuk. – #1 News in a FLASH

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