–Hero cop catches boy who fell from third-floor window

February 22, 2018

This Egyptian cop is no butterfingers.

Kameel Fathy Geed was on patrol in the city of Asyut on the Nile, about 200 miles south of Cairo, when he and two colleagues noticed a boy dangling from a third-floor window, CBS News reported.

Ammar Motaz Abd El-Salam, 5, was attending an engagement party Saturday when he climbed onto a table and took the plunge, his mom told an Egyptian TV station.

Seconds before, Geed and the other officers tried frantically to stretch out a large piece of cloth to use as a net – but the hero cop stretched out his arms instead just in time to catch Ammar.

Geed fell backward under the force of the boy’s landing, but neither suffered serious injures.

“I was surprised when they came up and said a child fell from this apartment,” the mother told Dream TV.

Ammar’s dad said this harrowing incident was not the first time their son — who they said suffers a brain condition — had been narrowly saved from injury in a fall or near-fall. – #1 News in a FLASH

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