– GOSS – Kenny Smith: Beyonce Owning Rockets Would Change Sports

August 13, 2017

Kenny Smith

Beyonce Owning Rockets Would Change Sports

8/13/2017 12:10 AM PDT


Houston Rockets legend Kenny Smith believes the chances of Beyonce becoming a part owner of the team are “very good” — and would immediately “change the whole dynamic of sports.”

The singer is reportedly interested in buying a stake of the NBA team — with current owner Les Alexander recently announcing he’s looking to sell.

Smith — who won 2 NBA Championships with the Rockets — is still close with the team and even had a “date” with management last year about possibly being the head coach. 

So, we hit up Smith for the 411 — and it’s obvious, he’s all about getting Beyonce into that owners’ box. 

“I would love to see that,” Kenny tells TMZ Sports … “That would be something I look at my daughters and say, ‘Look, see you don’t have to be a part of the team. Own the team!” – All News First!

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