– Filmmaker: Assad regime tried to kill me

October 13, 2017


2017-10-13 15:04:41

Muhammad Bayezid, 30, a Syrian filmmaker who was stabbed in Istanbul last Tuesday, claims it was Syria’s Bashar Assad regime behind what he called “an assassination attempt.”

Bayezid was injured in the shoulder by an unknown attacker on his way to an event and was hospitalized.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Bayezid said he last shot a film called “The Tunnel” about the torture of Syrian opposition activists in Assad-controlled prisons and the film “disturbed” the regime. “It is about the lives of 20 opposition activists. It details the crimes of the regime. I believe it is the regime that was behind this assassination attempt,” Bayezid said, adding that it would not deter him from continuing to cover the crimes of the regime in future projects.

Syrian opposition activists and journalists based in Turkey have repeatedly complained of threats to their security.

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