| Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi Preview Spanish Collaborative Track ‘Echame La Culpa’

November 15, 2017

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2017-11-15 07:08:49

and ‘s collaboration is happening. The duo have confirmed that the long-awaited track, titled “Echame La Culpa”, will be out on November 17. Demi took to Instagram on November 14 to share a snippet of the song. She captioned it, “November 17th. @luisfonsi.”

In the snippet, fans can hear the 25-year-old songstress singing several lines in Spanish. “You never really knew me/ The magic that made us fall in love is already gone,” she sings. “And I wouldn’t want to be in your place because your only mistake was meeting me.”

Meanwhile, Luis confirmed the news by posting on Instagram on the same day a picture of himself in bed. Six pillows could be seen in the picture, yet only three pillows have something written on it. One of them read, “Echame La Culpa”, which is the title of the track.

Both Luis and Demi had previously teased the said collaboration. On October 21, Demi posted on Instagram a picture of herself during a music video shoot. Rocking a sexy neon green crop top and fishnet stockings, the former Disney star captioned it, “Music video shoot.” Luis also posted on Instagram on the same day a picture of himself at a music video shooting set. He captioned it, “Finished! It’s a wrap.” They left a comment on each other’s posts.

A few days after that, Demi posted a picture of her posing with the “Despacito” hitmaker in a recording studio. Demi was seen sporting a denim jacket and a black top as she put her arm on Luis’ waist. She simply captioned it, “Hey Fonsi.”

Not only on social media, but the duo had also teased the collaborative track by releasing a clip of their first meeting. In the clip, which was sent to , Demi and Luis were discussing the song. “I’ll practice my Spanish,” Demi told Luis.

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