–Cave, raw fish save underdressed Victorian lost in freezing Tassie wilderness

August 13, 2017

With the temperatures falling below minus five, an underdressed Victorian man has survived a night huddled in a Tasmanian cave after getting lost on a fishing expedition.

The relieved 21-year-old, who ate raw fish “Bear Gryylls style”, was uninjured when he was picked up by a rescue helicopter late on Tuesday morning.

He had been fishing with friends on Monday at Lake Ada in the state’s central highlands but became disorientated when walking ahead of the group on the way back to the car.

Police say his friends were yelling out to him but got no response after midday and alerted authorities when they reached their car late in the afternoon and he wasn’t there.

A ground crew and helicopter failed to find any trace of the man before nightfall and suspended their search until the morning.

The man, wearing only two layers of clothing, wandered around lost until 11pm before sheltering in a small cave overnight.

According to Bureau of Meteorology data temperatures in the central highlands on Monday night slipped to below minus five.

He emerged at 5am and was spotted by the rescue helicopter about five hours later.

The man wasn’t hurt but was checked by paramedics as a precaution.

Inspector George Cretu said the 21-year-old, known just as Lawrence, got separated from his two mates on Monday morning and became disoriented.

He tried to find them but spent the afternoon and evening walking in the wrong direction, eventually taking refuge in a cave for the night and eating raw fish.

“He said he tried to bite into it Bear Grylls style, found the scales and skin a bit tough so he filleted it with a knife,” Mr Cretu sai

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