–Bigg Boss 11, Day 12 written updates: Sargun Mehta and Manu Punjabi become panelists

October 13, 2017


2017-10-13 18:18:00

New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 11 day 12 had a different opening- with Gaurav Sharma in a dicussion with well known TV actress Sargun Mehta and last year’s Bigg Boss finalist Manu Punjabi. The trio reviewed the past week in detail and Sargun and Mannu answered various questions asked by Gaurav.

The trio also talked to Sapna Chaudhary’s brother, Karan and the latter revealed that Sapna is trying her best to control her anger inside the Bigg Boss house.

Coming inside the Bigg Boss house, the day began with everyone cheerfully dancing and, to our surprise, a hint of friendship between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. Yes, you read that right. Shilpa talked about Vikas’ need to change himself a bit whereas the former complimented Shilpa on her hair. 

On the other hand, former good friends Hina and Vikas seemed to drift apart even further. Later in the day even Arshi and Shilpa had a fight. 

The housemates got a choice to either take the luxury budget, which is only for Arshi and her team, or to sacrifice luxury budget and get the contestants’ personal stuff back. However, luxury budget was chosen.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asked Vikas to name a contestant whom he’d like to put in Kal Kothri for punishment and as one could expect- Vikas chose Hina. After this, the padosis had to give one name for the same and they chose Arshi. 

A huge war of words took place between Sapna and Arshi as the former still isn’t over a comment that Arshi made on day 9. The arguement caught heat and soon Jyoti and Shivani were also seen shouting at each other. 

Outside the house, Sargun commented on the way Hina is losing her calm and how bad it looks. Manu, on the other hand, defended her.

After Arshi and Hina were nominated, Bigg Boss turned to the remaining housemates and asked all of them to give one name to enter the Kal Kothri. The housemates chose Sapna who also volunteered.

The day ended with yet another heated fight between Sapna and Arshi inside the jail. Both contestants got violent and Hina had to literally shout on top of her lungs to calm them down.

Well, tomorrow is Weekend ka Vaar and we can’t stop wondering what would Salman Khan say to the contestants! Keep watching this space for more Bigg Boss updates.

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