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December 18, 2017


2017-12-18 11:45:00

Beyonce and JAY-Z’s son Sir has the same evil stare as his father, according to the singer’s mum Tina Lawson.

The couple welcomed twin Sir and Rumi, siblings for their five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, in June (17), and the six-month-old boy is already taking after his dad, giving people the same evil stare.

When asked if she was seeing any similarities in the twins, Tina told Us Weekly, “Other than the boy has a stare, like a mean mug, like Jay sometimes, which is so cute, and the girl, she’s just so happy all the time and so sweet. They are just adorable!

“It’s one of the best blessings. Being a grandmother, it’s not like being a mom because you don’t have to have all the responsibility all the time, but they are amazing… This is my first experience around twins, and they’re so different, and their personalities, and they are wonderful.”

She will have her new grandchildren around her house for Christmas and she is planning to celebrate having the family together by going all out and cooking everything in her repertoire.

“I’m going to cook the biggest meal with everything I know how to cook,” she explained. “We’re all going to be together and I cannot wait. It’s really hard to get everyone together these days. It’s becoming harder and harder!”

The rapper has two more dates left on his 4:44 tour before he can head home for the holidays. On Saturday (16Dec17), he halted his show in Oakland, California after spotting a fan named Christina Cruz holding a sign which read, “I BEAT CANCER 2X 2 C U! I LOVE U!!! SELFIE OR HUG?”

“You beat cancer twice?… I gotta give you at least a hug,” JAY-Z said before bringing her on stage and giving her hug and posing for selfies.

She took to Instagram afterwards to gush about the encounter, calling it a “dream come true.”

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