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February 26, 2018


2018-02-25 22:20:00

Independent (label)

25 February 2018 (released)

4 h

For a singer that has been around for over 30 years on the Canadian circuit it is a bit of a shock to hear her for the first time. Even more so when you delve into this album and realise just how damn good she is!
This album was recorded live in St-Hyacinthe Quebec last October and I was immediately struck by what a soulful voice she has.
From the opening moments of ‘All The Way’ After Ricky Pacquette’s guitar leads her in and she warms her throat the band start a groovy riff and this wonderfully hard edged sass just spits out at you.

She is a natural front person and while the band are excellent she completely takes over the performance. This lady wails like very few others I have heard recently.

Musically, this is electric Blues; loud, proud and stroppy. Alec McElcheran (bass) and Sly Coulombe lay down a solid rhythm section while the electric guitar of Ricky Pacuette and acoustic from Denis Coulombe underpin her vocals effortlessly – Pacuette’s solos are top quality.

While comparisons are wrong, when she covers material like ‘Piece Of My Heart’ or ‘Me & Bobby McGee’ she has to be compared to Janis Joplin and certainly on ‘Piece Of My Heart’ she stands up well to the mirror, sounding original enough to be her own person but still carrying forwards Janis’ passion and that sense of losing yourself into the music. She also gives a new edge to that hoary classic ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ and a stunning version of Son House’ ‘Walking Blues’.

Her own numbers ain’t bad either; ‘Crucify’ is a brilliant slab of Blues.

Forrest is NOT the reincarnation of Janis but she is a very good Blues singer in a classic vein and on the basis of this set she sounds as though we should all be beating a path to see her live on her UK tour in March.

Thursday 15th Corporation Sheffield
Sunday 18th Academy 3 Manchester
Thursday 22nd Fleece Bristol
Friday 23rd The Shack Aberdeen
Sunday 25th Eleven Club Stoke
Wednesday 28th Half Moon Putney
Thursday 29th Voodoo Rooms Edingburgh
Friday 30th Oran Mor Glasgow

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