October 14, 2017


‘His greatest trick and mask which he lures people in with is by using the word ‘family’ these people start ‘repeating’ it not knowing they have entered a ‘trap’ for the day — they will also be isolated. Until then he creates abuse in their life, targets females as he did to his own daughter.

He got a gang member ’embedded’ to go out with her, abused her for a decade, then isolated her kids, forever stalking her and having her abused then, isolating her with his torture gang prior to death.

He lures new people in by saying ‘join the family’ they are unaware ‘they are in a trap, lured into, the Melbourne Torture Gang. Then it’s just a process of duplication as the torturer waits to torture on another day…

Warning Melbourne Community: If anyone says to you, ‘come join the family’ or ‘join the family, especially if you are female it is the torturer’ greatest trick. The day will come when you will be isolated and the torture gang will emerge. This is his greatest lure, he will use all the gang members to convince you — it’s a family which is masked as ‘the torture gang.’

The other method he applies is ‘gangster’ to join a gangster family’ it is all the same, the end result does not change or it’s application.

Forty three years in Melbourne

Please warn your children and warn the community.



Before you read this you should note that in the Melbourne Torture Gang Sado System, the ‘stalk is constant’. It is used in many different ways, but the stalk and the application of stalking the victim mother and child is a major tool while the ‘sado hunt’ is on.

Where it begins with ‘one’ over the course of time as they get closer to the child, the stalkers multiply. But even at the early stages, it never stops. So this is one thing to always remember as the ‘stalk’ is always applied. The other strategy that is always applied is ‘isolation’ for the purpose of ‘harm’. There are a variety of methods to isolate the child. These tow methods are a major weapon for The Melbourne Torture Gang.

1: Always up to the same old tricks for the past 43 years, Sado uses the female who has been doing the stalking and working at the ‘front line’ of the Melbourne Torture Gang for the past 20 years to isolate and manipulate children. (marked 1)

2: After working out that Sado will strike, using this method, we rush to the mother.

3: The mother confirms, that the female ‘has been trying to take the child, the one closer to two years old.

4: The mother of the children confirms that the female ‘says’ repeatedly, non stop, “Let me take your child to Sydney for a trip.”

5: The mother declines and continues to decline.

6: What happens in the Sado system of child torture and child abuse is when they can’t access, the Sado Stalk is applied. The Sado stalk on this occasion this female applied is ‘constant phone calls’ to the mother. Constant methods of…

“Let’s do this with him.”

“Let me enrol your child here. ” and so on.

7: The mother of the children declines and declines and declines.

8: The Sado Stalk next ‘money is used.’ The woman from the Melbourne Torture Gang buys the child many things. Money is usually a big deception when this gang member applies it and applies it constantly. Once the Melbourne Torture Gang female member finds that we are helping the young mum and children leave, she becomes very angry and demands the ‘gifts she bought the child be returned immediately” and they are given back. (This person has used money and gifts to lure for over two decades.)

9: We remove the mother who is also looking extremely ‘worn’ with a lot of weight lost. We remove the children away to safety. The mother of the children returns to health and the children are removed from the reach of the Melbourne Torture Gang.

10: Next a couple of weeks later, Sado sends a female connected to the mother who tries and fails. Then she tries to ‘snatch’ the child and fails.

11: We relocate the mother to a new home in an unknown location.

12: The reason the Melbourne Torture Gang use the term ‘Sydney” is to keep the child ‘isolated longer’.

13: Every Melbourne Torture Gang member speaks nothing but lies. Every word they speak is and always has been a lie. Even when one has been caught in court and by police it has always been for deception.

14: It is a shame that Police don’t stop The Melbourne Torture Gang.

15: For over twenty years this is all the same what we have been doing to stop the Melbourne Torture Gang and simply try and live our lives because The Melbourne Torture Gang as they also brazenly say, like the woman trying to take the child to Sydney,


16: To understand more on how it works, the term “we will never stop” is ‘sent to us by the female” — however the ‘speaker of the message itself is the person known as “MASO”.

17: By having the female send the message ‘it cuts the trace back. This is how Maso works.

18: This organised system of torture really should be handled by Vic Police, and we hope one day, they will see its not a citizens job but their job until then, we will live or move and protect best we can, as the hunters never stop the hunt.

19: After over twenty years of trying to stop these people, and defend against them, and enduring Mr Sado’s torture, it is not difficult to know which method they are going to apply, but it is hard trying to look after a business, or go to school or raise a child and family and ensure The Melbourne Torture Gang don’t do harm.

20: Once the Sado system is known, it breaks, because it is a duplication of the same process applied over and over again.

They wanted to desperately stop this whole system getting out.

21: But with the supply of babies running low they will seek methods to target ‘others’ this is why they have expanded and try to infiltrate departments. If they are not stopped with Maso ‘the hunter’ – the untouchable one’ families will be at risk and children captured ‘doomed.’ It is Melbourne that must stop The Melbourne Torture Gang as it is Melbourne who the Police work for. Until then, we will keep doing all we can to keep protecting ourselves and the children as self protection is our human right.

22: Regardless of the spin anyone puts on it or the lies and deceptions, or ‘masks’ — when it comes to the Melbourne Torture Gang, do not listen, what is written here is the heart and soul of what they do — and how they do it. After decades. we know. If you want to check how any of it is done, just check these articles and you will know.

23: Don’t let it happen to you and your children or family. We don’t believe Melbourne needs the Melbourne Torture Gang.

23: After more than two decades, 43 years of torture in Melbourne, we can’t wait for the day when this ‘once upon a time secret organization’ meets the true force of our Vic Police.


Note: Although we know all the faces – addresses – locations of all the Melbourne Torture Gang members and behind the ‘masks’  – images used for illustration are stock.
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