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February 17, 2017

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A plume of “tropical air” is expected to sweep across parts of the UK over the weekend, bringing unseasonably mild temperatures, says BBC Weather.

Forecaster Steve Cleaton said: “Through the weekend, increasingly mild air of tropical origin will be steered across the UK by westerly winds.”

Temperatures are expected to peak on Monday, with highs of 17C in some parts.

The record temperature recorded for a day in February was 19.7C in 1998.

The mild weather will be enjoyed across much of England, east Wales, eastern Scotland and eastern parts of Northern Ireland. In western and northern parts, the weather is likely to be more rainy and cloudy.

The rise could see the UK enjoy higher temperatures than parts of southern Europe, including the Balearic islands of Menorca and Majorca.

Our forecaster said the unusually high temperatures was the result of mild and moist air and a meteorological phenomenon called the Foehn effect.

There have already been a few mild spells during this winter and the temperatures reached 17C on 7 December, in Hawarden, Clwyd.

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