Twitter Top 10 – The 10 Best Twitter Accounts For You To Follow For The Best Life Improvement Now

June 4, 2017

Twitter Top 10 is one of the most efficient ways for you to consume and follow every subject of the news and find buyers for products and services. Promote brands:  Twitter gives you the power to personalize your media love, right down to the news network anchors or celebrities you choose to follow. You will be well informed, on all international, political, cultural, etc. news and information and have combined with all the of the latest news regarding new and up to date international events, life and lifestyles, fashion, goss, leadership, motivation, celebs, job search and career change, simply follow the Top 10 Twitter accounts below:

1. Jordan Duran 

Jordan Duran is a motivational writer, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Coach, Master Trainer of TnC and his Twitter feed is full of articles about the personal development, the life transforming secrets of TnC (The naim Code) which he developed over 23 years, leadership and diversity.

2. GossBOSS

The latest Hollywood Gossip, Celebrity News, Celebs and World News Updates. Goss Boss Fans enjoy all the gossip updates in a flash.


3. Juevelle

Rock solid Twitter account that grows each day with a great foundation of followers, readers, buyers, gossip news, current affairs, world news. Ideal for the entrepreneurs, brands looking for buyers and more.

4. Harvard Business Review

The premiere business school publication tweets articles by the world’s leading scholars and academics regarding business and leadership.

5. Levo League

The career advice site tweets about organization, time management, finances and some motivating quotes.

6. Forbes

Forbes has it all: career advice, business news, cultural news and the latest tips and advice from the world’s most powerful and innovative entrepreneurs.

7. NewsCO Flash

Latest News in a Flash! News, sport and MMA, Lifestyle and more. brings you news from the source in a flash! #1 News from the source online 24/7

8. Lifehacker

 The all-encompassing life advice site tweets articles ranging from relevant Ted Talks to financial advice to what National Parks to visit.

9. Learnvest  

Learnvest makes money a more comfortable conversation, one tweet at a time.

10. Productivityist

Tips to help you work smarter.


So you have followed the Twitter Top Ten and want another great Twitter account to follow for success then don’t look past ‘our 11th pick below to grow and gain followers. Visit this page monthly to see any new additions to the “Twitter Top 10 Who to Follow List”.

11. She Negotiates

She Negotiates, a negotiating training and consulting and executive coaching firm, tweets their negotiating tactics and expertise for free for their followers.


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