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January 29, 2017

The physical appearance of President-Elect Donald Trump has been compared to many things over the course of his campaign.

But now he has a new doppelganger. It’s a Chinese golden pheasant.

Dubbed colloquially as the “Pheasant-Elect”, the bird’s plumage bears a uuuuge (we’re sorry) resemblance to Trump’s own iconic combover.

Tourists are flocking (like, really sorry) to the Hangzhou Safari Park, a zoo in the Zhejiang province of China’s east to take a look at the Trump-like bird.

The zoo is home to around 50 golden pheasants. Each bird reaches to about a metre in length.

People have taken to Chinese social media website Weibo to share their thoughts on the big bird with the presidential hair.

“So does this bird look like Trump, or does Trump look like a Chinese pheasant?” wrote one user.

“Come on, this bird is more handsome than Trump,” commented another.

Tensions are already on the rise in China, now that a Trump administration is imminent. Whether this bird with fuel this tension has yet to be seen.

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