Yearn Valentine, a poem from The Rolling Story

December 20, 2017

From the Rolling Story @therollingstory


In the heartland
Of my wonder
And dreams
Your whisper reaches me
Through the gap,
Of charms
And ravishing beauty

And it’s splendour,
Filled with echoes
Of your beautiful voice

In my heart
My vision to adore
Then I hold

I’m left wondering
To a standstill
With every thought of you
Then I hold,
I hold,
The cherished memory
Of your Love adored

Let the river of time pass
I may not be going that way
Let the moment
Become instilled
With the Fusion of this Love

Ecstasy of my wonderland!

The dreams I have shared
It’s your dreams,
Become mine

Since you have gone
Crossing the sea of no return

Yearn Valentine!
The music plays on
Where Lovers meet
On the eve of a special night
To embrace

While I wait
Like fire in the night sky,
Engulfs my heart
And with every thought of you
I hold,
Then I look the other way

What options remain?

The teardrop moves downward,
Seeking to be one with the river

And somehow,
In someway,
Even without you
I am all–I can become

I have become more
Larger than the river
When many things pass me by
It may have gone

My presence remains

Why must you see–what you know?

When what is felt,
Speaks no lies

The raven has come and gone
To the same spot,
The eagle landed there
Not so long ago

Then–I realised,
I had already been there
Passing by

How evolved have I?

Like the flutter in the footsteps
I become the breeze lifted up,
Raised by eagle wings

What must you see to know?

When you already know,
All that is felt

To some,
It’s the memory
It never fades

The bridges of the era
That have come
And gone
Has left footprints
In the wind

It’s what two sails
Caught in the breeze
Are made from

Follow one to any direction
It matters not which way it blows
It will lead you there,
To that place
Known as the centre of the universe
The CORE of all heart

It is Love

I have a story to tell
It’s my song
Yet it has no tune
For what’s described
Is in the simplicity of the words

I saw the same man at the park
Pushing his daughter on the swing
Each push to the horizon
Descends to the soil

Why is it that Rain – Falls?
To where does it head,
A destination becoming,
A memory

It was somewhere up there
Such moments
Of wonder
Where the clouds
Nestled into calmness
You radiated that glow
Sharing your love
With my connected spirit
To souls of all time
The roots of the earth run deeper
I run with that earth,
Follow the trail
Where water leads

You whisper the words..
“Your direction will not lie”
I hear you,
I do,
I do

The traveller walks to one direction
You may look above
To where it all falls from
Yet where does the droplet fall to?
But into the soil,

So find me,
By the river I wait
I lay in my peace
The echoes in the valleys
Whisper your name
My memory reminds me
Of that one day Love came
Like a wind it swept my sorrow
To fortune filled delights
Beyond the known
It was unknown

Here I am again!
If only for just one moment
I could,
Catch your whisper in the breeze
Just one more time,
With hope
A spark from my heart
The sun and its LIGHT
Like pillows under the sunset
A Flash!
A memory I hold
My Love,
Hear me,
I may be old now
If only,
I could,
Kiss you again

From the Rolling Story @therollingstory

The story never ends.

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