August 29, 2016


You may even hear people say, “I don’t want to be associated with him,” – but when all is said and done, he had no one else but his few who carry him, carrying a torturer until the end of time. Features mean little “when hand in hand, their mask fits like a glove.”

Nonsense talk puts some to sleep, those who are awake know a real master and his apprentice when they see one, moreover, when they hear one. A real pro at their work, doesn’t get fooled by “appearances.” Leaders have followers, large or small.

They need their circle of helpers.

I thought about how his few followers are a mask and I wondered why? Perhaps, the reason is, if the torturer fell, his few helpers would collapse with him.

Those few, regardless of the distance and “circle” they created in order to “distract” or “divert’ attention are the same gang members he “started with over four decades ago.” Perhaps they don’t realize distance has little meaning when there is such deep devotion and love between a leader and a follower.

In the isolation, child abuse, slavery and torment trade of evil, he has devoted his life to, during his life and times in the garden state, he has achieved the outcomes and results of his actions.

Those outcomes and results have been never ending abuse, torture, degradation, extreme stalking and so severe during the course of the years gone by, unfortunately some very close “haven’t made it.”

Outcomes of misery, naturally to do so much harm, his followers played their part. Four decades is a long time to keep the ring.

But in Melbourne, it still survives for now, of course it still survives, because those who created it – cannot ever let it go, misery fills his veins for four decades, that which he unleashed on so many, misery and suffering of the helpless in isolation “is his sheer joy.”

It was then, decades back, he brought two children to Melbourne to isolate and enjoy his life  long dream that had no end, to abuse, degrade, cause physical or psychological torture with no remorse.

Those who held his hand, and helped him, also wore his mask.

As time went by, they become him.

Like a clone, perhaps far worse.

A severe hatred for “females” he also loved abusing the young and the helpless daily. Vicious, cruel, heartless and merciless violent man always loving the degradation of the innocent.

It was his, and it was his gangs ultimate dream, that none of these words would ever be revealed. Those who would reveal them, were endlessly stalked by terror, until they found themselves engulfed in sickness until death. The small crew and their methods of isolation over decades, gave them power.

He wanted to “enslave” deprive, degrade.

He had no remorse ever – for anyone he did wrong by.

All he had was excuses his never ending masks.

His fake prayer mat was just a mask, perhaps he fooled one, perhaps he fooled none. The man who would abuse then pray to save his own neck”

“Why does he even pray?”

Fake manipulations, always trying to bypass the law, never admitting to the horrible – never ending abuses, that drove his and his crews core desire, abuse of the helpless at every level.

When you think about it, a thief can’t be a businessman, perhaps he is the stingiest man on earth, he would rob his own girl, as he did. He would steal from his own grandmother without blinking an eye.


They don’t come stingier than him.

A lover of Hitler secretly at the depths of his soul, he studied his strategies while he lived all the way across the world. He spoke his hatred for the Jewish race. It was never clear “why” then as the months and years went by, that was a “mask” he created, he hated all, he just wanted them “helpless in isolation in order to abuse in his deep and dark fetish” the way he taught his followers.

In fact, those who were tortured by him, didn’t even ask for anything. They hoped somehow, in someway, this person found peace and stopped desiring the “slavery and prostitution” of those he and his crew had “no authority over.”

Perhaps one day, they could put an end to the bashing’s, but not in his lifetime. I wonder about the karma of such people, and even in his old age, he is still holding on to the hope of abusing, his mind is filled with his evil dreams.

But over time it would be obvious, the extreme stalking and terror was a great burning desire. The abused would later be pursued, endlessly, stalked until as much terror could fill them.

It was all about his dream to isolate and torture the young, and he didn’t stop because if it wasn’t by physical methods, it was severe humiliation. and for the purpose of abuse in isolation or torture.

What he forgot, or perhaps he knew, those who were tortured by him, regardless of the masks he wears, knew, “when he isolates, he tortures.”

In the early years, when he was setting up his “torture garden” masked within the garden state, he had done his homework well. He had chosen a place where the beautiful people of Melbourne would not suspect the evil heart he would be unleashing to two of his own.

He quickly created a “gang” from the few he had and called the gang “The Family.”

He did this for the purpose of “manipulation.”

Like the devils tricks, it would emerge, a real torturer had many of his own. So those who think along those lines, can easily see beyond the covers, or those “masks” he would create.

Naturally, isolating two children for the purpose of sheer abuse daily would ensure in his system, they never received love. He would push these same strategies through to his helpers, who would apply them on the victims.

Later, if those children escaped, or tried to move on in their lives, to find hope and achieve, he would simply “stalk them with the gang of abusers.” The few who were his core, like him, a handful who would also love to “isolate” the helpless.

They would try to lure those escaped back, saying come, come “join The Family” and those who fell back into that trap, would not realize, there was no family, there was only “the torture gang,”

The hunter creates many traps and enjoys them.

He had no care, who wanted to move on, for him, even his own victim children were ‘just something for him and his crew to endlessly stalk, this would return severe illness which would open up the opportunity for the victim to be “isolated again” – this time, their would be “no recovery” — no one to help.

Those who know and understand the methods of his and this gang, are well aware, when they “isolate they torture” and prior to that, they use methods in order to make “those fallen ill – sicker.”

Sure, they will continue on, as they have, creating the harm that some have endured. Some people however, don’t realize there comes a time, no matter how hard they may try to mask something, it gets no result.

There’s a reason for that and it’s not for him to know.

When these opportunities come towards the wrong doers, they will still ‘clutch at straws” trying to be free for a moment, without realizing, the breath of freedom, comes so easily when right is done by others. He can’t grasp that, so he clutches away trying to create masks, after masks. He doesn’t realize, there comes a time, when the masks run out. That time may be long or short, no one can ever tell.

His “Gang” would enable him to have ‘children vanish” – “destroy businesses” – “cause terror to kids and family members that were not ‘included in the gang. The heartless evil had no care, he would have his helper leave baby with ‘strange men.”

This is what he is at his core.

Fetish abuse to the young, merciless, soul.

He enjoys prolonged mental torture as well as physical torture and the degradation, humiliation of children.

His gang emerged the same as him.

Heartless, without any remorse.

It would be useless speaking to him, or any of his few “followers.”

It is expected, because he either trained or trapped some to enter his gang. It was found he was full of traps.

He created many “masks” in order to cover up the abuse. Even for torturing a helpless child, he would come up with some reason.

When the day comes, he leaves this world, he may be gone, no one should be tricked because his masks – will be left behind.

We must protect our garden state and that begins by protecting the children, they are the strength and future of this beautiful garden.

Coordinated Melbourne Gang Child Gang Stalking .



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