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One of the greatest tricks the group has is to lure people in by using the word ‘the family’.

Young people in the Melbourne community, please “be-extra careful.” Both “females & males.”

It is a ‘Big Line” the group “uses”.

Words the group say, like, “Join The Family” or as “A Family We Will be Powerful.” Or words used when speaking to you, in order to make you want to “join The Family.” It is a “trap.”

People in the group will “also repeat similar words with “The Family.” They are all the same “gang.”

Do Not Be Fooled:

They all work together, in a “circle.”

They all “speak to eachother” in a circle:

The Victim is “unaware.”

They will make “telephone calls” to the victim who they lure. These are all “tricks” of the gang.

The creator of the gang had a gang member ’embedded’ to go out with his own girl, abused her for a decade, then isolated her kids, forever stalking her and having her abused then, isolating her with his gang prior to death. They hide it as “The Family.”

There is only the “Gang.”

Warning Melbourne Community: If anyone says to you, ‘come join the family,’ especially if you are female it is the torturer’ greatest trick. The day will come when you will be isolated and the torture gang will emerge.

This is his greatest lure, he will use all the gang members to convince you — it’s a GANG which is masked as ‘The FAMILY’ — “The Family” is JUST A NAME.

The other method they apply to young men is ‘gangster’ or to join a “gangster family” it is all the same, the end result does not change.

Forty three years in Melbourne

Please warn your children and warn the community.

HOW IT BEGAN: Melbourne Torture Gang:

By using the methods of long term isolation, child degradation and sado masochistic methods against children long term in isolation the creator of the gang tried to create ‘slavery’ in one part of the  family with two young children that were brought to Melbourne. It was his dream to rule those two children for all their lives and use “the gang” disguised as “The Family” to always destroy all the two created. Some child victims never escaped.

He uses of knives and extreme terror and teaches it to others in his gang: From the ages of zero and ten and in some cases much more he and his gang would keep the children “isolated” as much as possible, knives, extreme threats and terror are used on children as well beatings, starvation, humiliation:

PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED TO THINK THEY ONLY TARGET CHILDREN: The older teens and even adults are targeted by the word family. People with broken homes, teens or adults with little family, are the the type of victims the gang targets.

Control By Gang Stalking: Melbourne Torture Gang:

When abused children grew up and had families of their own and tried to live their own lives, they get “gang stalked” the gang makes the victims think, they are “family.”

There is “NO FAMILY” there is only the abuse gang.

They put men or women in the lives of the victim.

The victim is young or unaware.

Sometimes, the victim won’t even know, the gang put them in the life of the victim.

Their biggest trick is to control from inside the life of the victim.

Do not “eat or drink or smoke or consume” ANYTHING if you suspect they are the gang and anyone in this group gives you anything. The gang will also greatly try to”mentally harm those who have contact wit them. If you are a teen, your school will be destroyed. If you’re an adult, your work or career will be destroyed. They will look for ways to not only destroy all of your dreams, they will also work out ways “to rob you” or make you work and steal your money, or things you own.

The gang will also use “money to make friends with the victims and win their rapport.” They will do this for males or females for a short time. It’s just a trick to “buy” love, what they want is to “use, abuse and torture the victim.

Anyone involved, should immediately get away from this gang.

They work in “secret.”

Remember, they are not silly, they have been running for forty years. They are not a gang that runs around in the streets with weapons. They are a “secret abuse gang” and they want victims for “long term abuse.” They are an organized gang and work together by “organized methods.”

Males or females warning, they also “organise bashings” and make it appear “as if someone else did it” or it was some sort of “argument, fight, mistake.” DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

If ANY person threatens you, harms you in anyway, please call the police immediately “000.”

Gangs coordinated an Pre-Planned Gang Stalking & Snatch Strategy:

Creating awareness in the Melbourne Community.

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