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July 18, 2017



©ByJordan Duran | Read Reviews | SANTINI Rain Productions

My Love
In a flash we met
In a flash I may disappear
Please don’t ever forget,
Once I was there

If that moment arises,
Do not weep
It’s only an illusion
A trick of mind

Nothing can separate us forever

As our life has been,
We shall always return to each other
Against the greatest of odds

This will never change,
Not here or there

For I arrived on this journey
As a soul
In search of you

Decades have passed
Like a dream you appeared
I have learned even while I’m awake
Dreams never end

Now I have aged
Although I am ageless

My undying love shall remain
It’s sealed for you
You are the holder to that key
Deep in your heart of hearts
Never to part
For my honour is sacred
My heart is the warrior
It has carried me to you

If I am taken — then know,
I will be wrapped in angels wings
Protected on a voyage
A journey penetrating beyond the visible
Filled with eternal mysteries
Soaring home to the Unseen
To be One with my Creator
Who made you

It’s there,
I will be judged only by my heart
I need nothing else
I will stand before my Maker
Your love will defend me
Your truth will be heard beyond the stars

My heart
Its truth
Our Love
It will endure

Why do you weep?
Because you met someone else?

Did I not tell you while you slept
I watched over you so many nights
Whispered to you the words
My Love,
It’s the end which never ends,
What arrives leaves
Another takes it’s place
It’s just the cycle of things

No matter where you are
Believe with all of your heart
I shall always return to you

If I’m taken before you return
It will be by the Angel which has authority
I will not have a say at that moment
But I promise you
While you sleep,
I will protect you
Just like the times I watched over you
Under the stars
I will whisper
You will know it’s me
Go within
That special hunch
Feel me

You will know
It’s me

If you’re ever lost
Go to our special place
We sat there embraced by the ocean
I will embrace you with the breeze of love

Unconditional Love is undying Love
That shall always be,
In your precious heart and mine

My darling,
I Love you
Forged in my heart
You always are

My love,
Remember whenever you called,
I always ran to you
You asked me to never leave you
I never did

Kiss me one more time,
Let us soar through this great journey
Hand in hand,
Just like lovers do

Do you know that amazing love story?
It’s called timeless love
It echoes through every valley
It’s where lovers walk

He told his lover – “Nothing is the same”
That was enough for her to never let him go

Then they fell in love and ran away
That was five hundred years ago

I wait and wait,
Loving you endlessly
Someday you might return

Like the lover said so long ago to his love
I borrow his precious words and say them to you

With the hope,
You may believe in me

I say,
My darling,
My one and only
Just for once

Will you hear my pleading heart?

I have been brought to nothing without your love

Since you have gone,
“Nothing is the same without you”

©By, Jordan Duran | Read Reviews | SANTINI Rain Productions



Laura Wendt That’s the most incredible thing I have ever read o my it made me cry it made me goosebumps remind me of every one I have lost in my life. God bless

Avia Williams-Johnson Ok I’ve just read this again …. Still so beautiful ….still brought me to tears … Heard it the same but different this time I also felt my grandmother who passed away March of 2013, and just last night I was thinking about her and I cried , then I thought about my Twinflame who’s scared to come back forth even though we have a history that spans centuries…. Then the thought of the one that my Angels and guides have brought to me, how I feel his Love for me and how it feels like his Love would replace or fill that space that I so long to be fill that’s just for him… Thank You for reposting this beautiful work, I will take this as confirmation that All that I’ve been waiting for is coming very soon… Thank my Love for sharing your gift !!!!! Love and Light to you always.

John Garcia Jr. After searching 47 years searching for my lost childhood love we have been united. Many of the verses in this piece have been uttered to her by me, but none so eloquently…touched my soul.

Debbie Slaughter Love it, such a beautiful poem, that speaks of true love and the power of that love that binds you always even after you have gone.

Dolores Canales It’s so beautiful and sad it brought tears to my eyes its funny how things like this can be true Amen!!

Lena Fowler Touched my heart and tears is running like a water fall

Arturo Diaz So Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing! God bless you! !!

Rebecca Covington LOVE THIS, VERY TOUCHING!!!

Charles O Irene Omg so beautiful

Jana Clay So Much Depth In This Piece. I absolutely Love it! I felt it, imagined it I wanted it to go on. You have a Art.

Anthony Gularte May your connection from your heart to your hand stay strong and true. Beautiful words.

Cherrie McCall Luv this beautiful…..it speaks to me in ways…it kinda of makes me think of someone who I fell in love with…..but the world and people have separated us…..over and over again….but my heart won’t love another….and can’t seem to love another….my mind says let him go and find another…but it wouldn’t be the same so I guess when I pass on my heart will still belong to him and never will belong to another….for he was my soulmate…and always will be….so I will love him until the day I pass…..and I will continue to pray and watch over him and ask god to protect him…..my last dying breath….

Tabitha Pirri Therese Tears escaped from my eyes .. so heart felt ; passionate and beautiful xxxx

Julie Ann So eloquent and beautiful

Joe Poff I have been writing to express my love to the one that got away all of it compiles to the same feeling as this thank you so much. It inspires me to continue and improve and follow my heart.

Vanessa Munoz It felt like the beginning it felt just like the beginning all the way through to my inner me cradled and held strong and true …..finally

Lazaro Piloto You are amazing every time I read your poems makes me more stronger but with lots of happiness and love. You have a big heart friend keep up the good work.

Jo Wood this is so beautiful.pure precious love.you can feel it as I read it.made me cry.made my heart feel.perfectly wonderful…

Jessica Kitchin One of the most beautiful poems I’ve read. Speechless.

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