Please Stop HUNTING My Family!! – How Melbourne Torture Gang Always Hunts Our Family in Melbourne Vic

October 13, 2017

Please stop hunting my family down!!

For many years, we have been hunted by The Melbourne Torture Gang. It needs to stop. Hunting people should not be allowed.

There is hardly anyone left in our family.

We have been hunted year after year after year.

Known as Mr Sado – he organised and created a ‘child abuse, child slavery and child torture group in Melbourne.

He utilizes the methods and strategies of ‘child snatching and child isolation and torture by group. Isolation is his main key to harm.

He and his group uses the system of law for improper purposes in order to ‘isolate children for abuse and torture and mentally destroy them.’

He causes great mental harm to children if he can deliberately in order to not only ‘cover the abuses so children ‘can’t speak up’ but also because he ‘enjoys the complete degradation and humiliation of a child, robbing them of all their future and life.

“As one child said, he creates a mental ward for children in real life.”

Another child said,

I come from a very small family.

Upon arrival to Australia when I was six years of age, Mr Sado had successfully ‘isolated my sister and me” in order for abuse and torture in isolation.

I escaped the slavery when I was fifteen  but in Mr Sado’s system I was forever ‘pursued’ – hunted. He has one person who creates and organises this, known as “Maso” — his role is to pursue, stalk and ‘set people up’ make them and their children feel scared, suffocated and children suicidal using organised gang stalking methods.


Once captured the child is isolated long term and greatly manipulated. This causes more harm.

Mr Sado used other family members as a part of his group.
Those who joined the family were ‘cruel child abusers’ and my father taught and trained his few hand selected people in order to expand his group. The family became a gang and my sister and I were trapped.

My sister and I were surrounded for many years, no matter what I did in order to be free and no matter what she did to be free, this was never going to be possible. At least not then.

Working from within, they ran circles around us. They knew our every movement.

For a long time, I thought it was just me that was ‘isolated and tortured’ as a child and my sister who was abused by him. It wasn’t.

By keeping the family ‘small’ and using methods of ‘isolation’ he was able to control and ensure his ‘child abuse and child torture gang in Melbourne would not be uncovered. It worked to his advantage, a small crew, spread out wide. In fact since 1974 until the present day which the “child abuse, child torture group still operate in Melbourne’ the number of people that have joined it is extremely ‘few’ over the past 43 years.

By targeting my sister and me from ‘within’ he could get multiple children abused and tortured or mentally harmed, always using methods of ‘isolation’.

Around twenty years ago, when my son ‘vanished’ shortly after his birth, I started to keep ‘notes’ on the methods and strategies that were being utilized. The methods used over the course of this time would greatly accumulate and his system and those operating in his system would ’emerge’.

They are a gang who keep fooling authorities with the word ‘family’ so they continue hunting us down. There is nearly know one left. The Police must stop them before they start again, they have never stopped. They even sent us text messages to say they will never stop. We are in fear.

A gang within a family ‘masked’ by the word ‘family’ and with Mr Sado there is ‘no middle ground, there is no middle ground with the Melbourne Torture Gang.


Mr Sado had some of the children as ‘slaves’ and others as ‘royals’ which is the ‘gang’. Even throughout our life, if we tried to get away as we have we would be ‘hunted.’ By having two groups, the masters and the slaves. This way they could always ‘do the hunt’ and not get caught by using the sado mask of ‘family.’ So then when we try to get authorities and Police to help, they term it as a ‘family problem’ when they are ‘not family. It is Mr Sado’s sick creation. By terming the Melbourne Torture Gang as a ‘family’ they then give them the green light to ‘gang stalk’ us endlessly and endanger the family and children. Mr Sado is a torturer. His gang are torturers and torturers need many ‘covers’ – many masks.

During 2016, my niece died and she was ‘isolated’ by the group.

Shortly after her mum died and she was ‘islolated’ by the group.

When my Mr Sado ‘isoates’ by a group there is physical torture.

They were the closest family I had left and they disliked most of the people that were isolating them. They had very little to do with them over the years.

Mr Sado made sure, I could not be there of course, only his group could be there, the people that she ‘hated’ could be there. They use and apply many ‘covers’ and ‘deception is a key to them.

Maso who runs the command post’ is a mastermind of diversion, bypassing law and organisation of horrendous acts against the family and children, hunting those that are not in the ‘royal’ part of the Melbourne Torture Gang. This is why the ‘hunt’ goes on for many years. It is endless. It is suffocating. people feel suicidal. We are endlessly moving. It is extreme ‘sado masochism’ not just basic fantasy or kink where mutual adults enjoy. Mr Sado created it here because it is not something Melbourne expects, with many ‘masks’ he can cover it and by eliminating ‘all of the slave’ side of his children then the Melbourne Torture Gang continues to grow and continues to ‘hunt people.’ We are scared. We need the Police to stop them.

My Sado ensured the man who had bashed his own daughter on his behalf with cricket bats and burned her with irons, and abused her for many years could be there in her weakened state, while dying in isolation by the Melbourne Torture Gang around them.

The gang was clever in keeping me away, they were relentless.

What they did was simply gang stalked our home even putting a baby at risk.

A home we had fled to previously, in order to keep children safe as a single dad, I had no option but to flee again to keep children safe. The terror being applied was exhausting, my only two external family members were also dying, isolated by the Melbourne Torture Gang. If only the Police would stop them ‘hunting’ us. They are masters of deception, but this is what it is at the core. Hunting the last line of the ‘slave portion of Mr Sado’s children.

So by ensuring that I save my family at home, the only thing I could do was again “move” because when we notified the police at the time, they didn’t act. The only thing we can do to stay alive is ‘document’ it as they don’t want exposure. They encircle and entrap. It is a hunt for people. By hunting their own from within, they can easily ‘cover it up.’ There are ‘babies’ at risk. They tried to ‘snatch one the other day. The hunt must stop. Police must stop thinking they are family, we do not see many of them for years, they just keep ‘hunting us down’ causing terror. Gang Stalked, they love scaring children, it suffocates and causes illness. My sis and her daughter was ‘hunted for years.’ They died.

So suddenly, I had to find a place and ‘pack and move’, my office at home had to close, yet another business destroyed for the same reasons as prior, extreme stalking.

This all happened while we were trying to grieve for the only two external family members I had who I communicated with.

Since then, I have not worked, it has been over a year now and I have kept on my fathers trail to end this.

Mr Sado created a child abuse, child torture gang.

I know their system of operation.

I know the core persons involved.

I know how they operate.

I have devoted the last twenty years in order to protect my son and home from them. The only way I could do this was to observe their methods, time after time when they applied them to us. It gets easy to see when you get ‘hunted for decades.’ They use manipulation in order to ‘cover up the hunt.’

I have found methods used they have tried to ‘infiltrate’ the community.

Mr Sado is a sado masochist and raises the ‘hunter children’ as the royals. They then target the ‘slave children’ forever for gang abuse. Mr Sado does not target or abuse the children of the Melbourne Torture Gang side of the family. He has children on that side as well. He hunts the ‘slave side of the family children’ and targets children from “within” in order to capture, isolate and torture them “I also have concerns for one mother and child outside not related to Mr Sado.”

It is my great hope that they are safe and unharmed.

This, I cannot be certain of and the police must investigate to ensure that they were also not harmed by my fathers gang known as the Melbourne Torture Gang. Only the police can determine this and only they can check to see the mother and child are ok.

But also, there  great concerns for the community because now the gang has lasted so many years, from what I can see, my Mr Sado’s Melbourne Torture Gang are also looking and trying to expand and ‘snatch kids outside of the family’ in Melbourne.

Why else would they have people infiltrating schools ‘that only worked in the sex industry and are a part of my father’s gang? What did they write on those applications for work?

They must be stopped. People cannot be ‘hunted’ in Melbourne.

We need Police help. We need to be left alone.

It is our right, we have a young mum who is also scared.

Mr Sado utilities a multitude of covers. He appears very ‘poor’ and lives in a home that should be ‘knocked down’. This is deception, a cover as he has always greatly feared getting caught. Do not let his ‘old age’ fool you as he is still active in the group.

An old man in appearance a mastermind of deception.

He teaches his methods to the very few who become a part of his crew. He uses a cruel female at the front, these are all organised covers, masks of Sado.

They utilize extreme deception in order to cover their isolation and torture and child abuse. They stalk the child endlessly until the child falls victim, feeling suffocated.

One strategy is children who are abused, tortured around zero to four years of age they will even take to ‘court’ with them in their later years in order to ‘appear innocent.’

Females are in great danger, extreme danger as they duplicate over and over the system they have. A female from within can have ‘babies’ and from within ‘unknown to them their babies will also be snatched for torture and abuse. They will use strategies to enslave. They think we are slaves our families are their slaves. They want to hunt us down.

We removed two to safety recently.

They use many covers, many set ups, I know many of them.

The children in the community and families are at great risk.

This must be stopped for my community in Melbourne before it spreads. It must be stopped for any child that is captured by the group.

They use the system in order to capture children from within and the system to isolate the children to torture them.

In their later years they use great manipulation on the child to not get caught building rapport for a short time then they ‘hunt’ the child down or adult down ensuring anything they create on their own is destroyed and they remain as ‘slaves’ in their eyes. You can never get ahead as when you do, they ‘snatch kids; destroy your business and family and drive terror in your home so you end up fleeing and getting sick and become poor again. Then they just duplicate it over and over, it is a gang that encircles a family. They are not our family, they are a ‘gang.’

The terrifying and relentless – never ending gang stalking terrifies and destabilizes a child and destorys a family to rubble.

We were not experts at gang stalking and the great harm it does. Now we know as we somehow try to put our lives back piece by piece with hope that the Vic Police will help us once and for all and end this ‘nightmare’. We trust in our Police force and live in hope that for once we can somehow be free from my father and his Melbourne Torture Gang.

An independent witness a few weeks back saw one child captured and that child was ‘screaming to a torture gang member’ END THE TORTURE.

I hope the Vic Police act soon and do just that, end the torture because that child is correct, it is an organisation of ‘torture’ in Melbourne.



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