| UFC Fighter Who Pooped Herself Gets Sponsor Offers For Butt Wipes

February 14, 2018

The UFC fighter who went viral for defecating in the ring has found a silver, er, brown, lining.

Justine Kish said she is entertaining endorsement offers from a few butt-wipe brands ― one of them is Dude Wipes, a product similar to baby wipes.

“I’m actually considering it because we could have some fun with it and maybe make the product less embarrassing and more funny,” she said Thursday on iHeart radio’s “Domenick Nati Show.”

Kish became a viral sensation for losing control of her bowels as she was nearly choked out by Felice Herrig in Oklahoma City on Sunday. Herrig eventually won by unanimous decision but it was Kish who stole the show by leaving tell-tale signs of excrement on the mat as she continued to fight. She added levity to the embarrassment by tweeting “Shit happens” afterward.

MMA Imports noted earlier that Dude Wipes ― which previously had its name affixed to the back of fighters’ trunks  ― had tweeted to Kish that it would like to supply her with all the product she needs. Kish said negotiations are under way for perhaps a commercial or something else.

“We think Justine had an awesome attitude about the situation and are discussing a fun way to work together to make light of it,” Sean Riley of Dude Products told news on Friday.

In the interview, Kish recounted the humiliation she felt at first and how she came out smelling like a rose. Listen to it above.

This article was updated with a comment from Dude.

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