| These Photos Prove Australia Is The Most Stunning Place On Earth

February 14, 2018


2016-05-27 10:00:52

You’ve seen the Sydney Opera House in pictures, and you may have even touched Bondi Beach in real life.

But as it turns out, Australia’s full glory is best viewed from above. 

Aerial photographer Gabriel Scanu doesn’t book a window seat to get these stellar photos of the Aussie coast. Instead, he lets a drone do it for him. 

“It’s crazy to think you can carry around a small piece of plastic that lets you climb thousands of feet into the sky and capture imagery from an angle that was never before possible,” Scanu told news. “I find the whole process thrilling.”

Likewise, we’re thrilled to take a virtual vacation through Scanu’s images, which include the ocean swimming pools at Bronte Beach and winding seaside roads near Coalcliff.

“The beaches are largely untouched and natural,” Scanu says of his home country. He recommends Australia’s soaring cliff faces and incredible national parks as the spots to start your adventure. Happy travels! 

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