–The MPs sucked into citizenship maelstrom

December 6, 2017


2017-12-06 00:12:17


* Katy Gallagher: Referred to the High Court. The senator says she took all reasonable steps to renounce British citizenship but did not receive notification until more than two months after the nomination date for the 2016 election.

* David Feeney: Will ask to be referred to the High Court on Thursday if documents relating to his UK citizenship renunciation can’t be found. A by-election in his Melbourne seat of Batman looms.

* Josh Wilson: Born in Britain but citizenship renunciation from UK Home Office is dated June 24, 2016 and might be too late.

* Justine Keay: Acquired British citizenship through her father, but citizenship renunciation from UK Home Office is dated July 8, 2016 and might be too late.

* Susan Lamb: Acquired British citizenship by descent through her Scottish born father, attempted to have it renounced but application refused on August 10, 2016.

* Mark Dreyfus: Jewish father and paternal grandparents fled Nazi Germany. Believes he doesn’t need legal advice because he knows about German law during the war.

* Anne Aly: Born in Egypt. Provided a letter from the Egyptian Embassy stating she had applied to relinquish her Egyptian nationality on May 2, 2016. No evidence confirming renunciation.

* Steve Georganas: Greek parents and grandparents, and has written to the Greek Consulate in Adelaide ahead of every election since 2004 requesting confirmation his citizenship has been renounced.

* Michael Danby: Jewish father and paternal grandparents were born in Germany. Father was stripped of citizenship when he arrived in Australia.


* Josh Frydenberg: His mother was born in Hungary’s capital Budapest and her parents are both Hungarian. His grandparents on his father’s side were born in Poland.

* Jason Falinski: Has sought further legal advice after being unable to ascertain whether his USSR-born father, Polish and British born grandfathers and Leningrad-born grandmother conferred foreign citizenship on him. Labor frontbenchers are split on whether Falinkski and Frydenberg should be referred.

* Nola Marino: Father born in the US, Italian paternal grandparents and a Swedish born maternal grandfather and Italian husband. Her declaration says she’s checked websites and sought legal advice, but thinks she’s in the clear.

* Arthur Sinodinos: Labor won’t refer the Industry Minister over doubts about his Greek citizenship at this stage.

* Ross Vasta: All four grandparents were born in Italy and wife was born in China. Claims he renounced Italian citizenship on March 15, 2001 but did not provide evidence.

* Julia Banks: Father born in Greece along with all four grandparents. Greek Embassy does not have her registered on Greek municipal records, a requirement of being a citizen.

* Alex Hawke: Mother and maternal grandparents were born in Greece. Greek Embassy does not have him registered on Greek municipal records, a requirement of being a citizen.

* Michael McCormack: Maternal grandfather born in Greece. Greek Embassy does not have him registered on Greek municipal records, a requirement of being a citizen.


* Rebekha Sharkie: Born in the UK. Her mother was born in the US but didn’t spend enough time there to pass on citizenship. Renounced UK citizenship on April 19, 2016 but renunciation was registered with the UK Home Office on June 29, 2016.

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