NewsCO World & Australian News – Suspects arrested 14 years after honor killing

February 27, 2017

Police in central Turkey’s Konya have arrested three people for their alleged involvement in the murder of Ümmü Şimşek, a 27-year-old woman, who went missing in 2003.

The suspects, including Şimşek’s older sister and her two nephews, are being accused of killing the woman on the grounds that she had an extramarital affair.

The murder was only revealed after a relative of Şimşek filed a missing report with the police recently.

Upon reopening the case, the police discovered that Şimşek’s body had been found by a roadside back in 2003, but could not be identified then.

She was later buried in a cemetery for unidentified victims.

Suspecting Şimşek’s family, as no one had filed a missing report for more than a decade, police interrogated the victim’s sister, brother and nephews.

Five suspects confessed to the crime and said they first strangled Şimşek and then threw her body while driving on a highway. – All News First!

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