| Someone Thought An All-Male Panel On ‘Women’s Empowerment’ Was A Good Idea

February 15, 2018

After facing scathing criticism for promoting a “women’s empowerment” panel consisting only of men, SJ Magazine announced it was pulling the plug on the event. 

The South Jersey-based publication promoted the panel, unironically dubbed “Women in Business: A man’s point of view,” on Twitter on Monday. In response, news reporter Yashar Ali expressed incredulity in a tweet that promptly went viral.

Reaction to the all-male panel, which would’ve included New Jersey state Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D) and ESPN correspondent Sal Paolantonio, was blistering:

SJ Magazine initially defended its decision to host the all-male panel, saying it had organized three other panels in its “women’s empowerment” series that included female speakers. 

“Men have a responsibility to step up & support women & we want to start the discussion,” the publication said in a follow-up tweet

A few hours later, however, the magazine announced it was canceling the event.

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