| Some Bloke Poses As Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard, Scores Ringside Seat

February 14, 2018

A British bartender became the toast of bargain-hungry fight fans for posing as a Floyd Mayweather bodyguard to grab a third-row seat Saturday at the big bout.

Situated near the likes of Mike Tyson and LeBron James, Oliver Regis posted selfies with numerous celebrities and appeared to have a grand time.

“Well played,” one commenter wrote on his Instagram. “You are the man!” another said. To which Regis replied, “thanks babe.”

Just look at his collection of pics from the bout: Jamie Foxx, Demi Lovato, Gerard Butler and Chris Hemsworth, to name a few.

Regis, from Stamford, England, had purchased a $2600 ticket but was crestfallen to discover that he was in the nosebleed seats at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the Sun reported.

He told the tabloid that he followed Mayweather’s security detail as if he belonged with them ― and arena personnel did not scan his ticket. So he took an empty seat in the third row.

“I did feel a bit cheeky – but this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance,” he said. “I could not believe it worked.”

Some seats near the ring sold on StubHub for $104,444 for four, so Regis scored himself quite the upgrade.

He’s a huge McGregor fan, as evidenced by the tattoo of the UFC lightweight champion on his leg, but appeared to thoroughly enjoy himself despite his idol’s defeat. He said he retreated a few more rows back during the action.

He may have been outdone by Brian Grace of Limerick, Ireland. Grace said he snuck in for free with a group he thought was McGregor’s extended family. Once inside, he found a stray ladder and was able to weasel his way to ringside seats.

And there’s this guy, too, if this is to be believed: 

We don’t condone scamming, but it’s hard not to root for the lads.

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