| Simone Biles Calls Out Gabby Douglas for Criticizing Aly Raisman’s Message About Victim-Shaming

November 19, 2017

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2017-11-18 06:35:59

The talks about sexual abuse in Hollywood have reached the attention of Olympic athletes, but it has caused a rift between some of the famed Final Five team members. Apparently, had a different opinion from her fellow gymnasts and about the issue.

Aly, who recently shared her own story of alleged sexual abuse, took to social media to share a message that supports women who come forward about sexual abuse. “Just to be clear…Just because a woman does a sexy photoshoot or wears a sexy outfit does not give a man the right to shame her or not believe her when she comes forward about sexual abuse. What is wrong with some of you? AND when a woman dresses sexy it does not give a man the right to sexually abuse her EVER,” she posted on Twitter.

She added, “Women are allowed to feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin, in fact I encourage you all to wear what you feel good in. I will not put up with any woman or girl being shamed for wanting to wear a skirt, dress, etc. I do not tolerate it. Are we clear?”

Gabby weighed in on it, but her response was shocking. “However it is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy,” she wrote while quoting Aly’s message on Twitter. “Dressing in a provocative/sexual way entices the wrong crowd.”

Noting this, her teammate Simone wrote to Gabby, “Shocks me that I’m seeing this but it doesn’t surprise me… honestly seeing this brings me to tears bc as your teammate I expected more from you & to support her. I support you Aly & all the other women out there! STAY STRONG.”

After receiving numerous backlash from other Twitter users, Gabby later deleted her earlier statement and changed her opinion on the matter. She wrote on her latest post, “i didn’t correctly word my reply & i am deeply sorry for coming off like i don’t stand alongside my teammates. regardless of what you wear, abuse under any circumstance is never acceptable. i am WITH you. #metoo.”

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