–Police won’t charge woman found trapped under Essendon house

June 27, 2017

She was heard scratching and murmuring through the floorboards.

Neighbours had seen the blonde woman earlier removing fence palings from a rear boundary of the derelict house in Essendon’s Miller Street.

On Sunday, firefighters pulled her “extremely dehydrated and incoherent” from a small space under the kitchen.

“It was weird, very weird,” one neighbour said on Monday.

Some children already called the property the Halloween house.

Now, it has its own unsolved mystery.

The St Albans woman has not been identified.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where she was taken suffering exposure, said on Monday afternoon she had been discharged.

Victoria Police said the 37-year-old would not be charged and had not committed any offences.

Calls to the neighbours, believed to be related to owners of the crumbling property, have gone unanswered.

Miller Street residents say nobody lives in the house.

But Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Roger Chitty said on Monday the property bore signs of a recent or current resident.

“It wasn’t a vacant house,” he said. “There was a lot of furniture in there.”

Commander Chitty said the woman was very lean, and had only just enough space to squeeze under the house before she became trapped.

Firefighters managed to throw a bottle of water to the “very dirty” woman before cutting first a small hole to her location, then a larger hole to get her out.

“She was stuck. There’s no way she could move,” Commander Chitty said.

Police do not believe she was under the house for as long as previously thought, which neighbours said on Sunday was up to a week.

It is not known if the woman had a connection to the derelict house, but Commander Chitty said the neighbour did not appear to recognise her when she was rescued.

Police would not say on Monday why the woman was under the house.

Neighbours continue to watch the house in case she returns.

As one said on Sunday, “This is one of the strangest things to happen anywhere I’ve ever lived”. – #1 News in a FLASH

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