| People On The Internet Are Collecting Photos That Look Straight Out Of Wes Anderson Films

July 8, 2017

The collective genius of the internet has once again worked its magic. A group of Reddit users have gone about collecting a series of photographs that are not from a Wes Anderson film, but might as well be.

If you’ve ever seen a film by the 48-year-old Anderson, you’ll know that the component parts of one his films are unmistakable, regardless of the project’s theme and characters. There are the eye-popping colors and the strong, well-defined lines. There are the eccentric architectural triumphs and eerie quiet. But most importantly, there are those shots ― the ones that zoom in and out with an almost borderline obsessiveness in their quest for near-perfect, everything-just-so symmetry.

It is a beautiful, signature look ― and apparently one that, every so occasionally, people around the world have stumbled upon in real life too. Hence, “Accidental Wes Anderson,” a brilliant subdivision of Reddit where people are collecting reality’s best attempts at recreating Anderson’s art.

And by the look of things, they’ve done quite a good job over their first couple months in business. We’ve said all we can. Just look at the photos. 

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