–Pacific nations condemn North Korea

September 8, 2017

Pacific nations including Australia have jointly condemned North Korea’s repeated attempts to test nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was among 18 leaders to sign the declaration at the annual Pacific Leaders Forum in the Samoan capital Apia on Friday.

In an official communique, the Pacific nations said they considered Pyongyang’s behaviour a threat to both Guam and the wider region.

“It shows a real unity of purpose and solidarity with the global community in doing everything we can to bring that reckless and dangerous regime to its senses,” Mr Turnbull said afterwards.

The countries vowed to strip registration from any North Korean fishing boats on their books.

Australia and New Zealand will also help other Pacific states sniff out illegally-flagged North Korean ships and offset the costs involved.

The leaders agreed on the need to use all possible UN Security Council resolutions to bring the rogue regime to heel. – #1 News in a FLASH

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