–NSW truck company blitz after teen killed

December 8, 2017

A western Sydney earth moving company has been issued with more than a dozen defect notices after one of its trucks struck and killed a wheelchair-bound teenage boy.

The 16-year-old was hit by a Mulgoa Excavations truck at the Hornsby intersection of Peats Ferry Rd and Bridge Rd on Tuesday, NSW Police say.

The crash sparked a police investigation which involved a compliance audit of 24 of the company’s trucks and trailers on Friday at a Wetherhill Park heavy vehicle inspection station.

During the audit, police issued two major defect notices for speed tampering and another 11 minor notices for a variety of problems.

Assistant Police Commissioner Michael Corboy said any heavy vehicle operator, owner or company could expect their fleet to be inspected if one of their trucks was involved in a crash.

“Given the number of trucks that are on our roads, it is imperative for the safety of everyone that they are safe and compliant,” he said in a statement on Friday.

The 62-year-old truck driver involved in the crash was not injured and was taken to Hornsby Hospital where he underwent mandatory blood and urine testing.

A Mulgoa Excavations spokesman on Friday told AAP it was a tragic accident.

“Me and my wife are very upset but it’s an accident and we do feel very sorry for that young person,” the spokesman said on Friday.

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