– MELBOURNE TORTURE GANG – BAN THIS SYSTEM! – How He Creates Child Slavery and Mental Wards For Children In The Society Of Melbourne

October 16, 2017
Naturally, we don’t have concentration camps in Melbourne but as one Melbourne Torture Gang child said perfectly after being free from his system when the child was asked ‘what it was like,
He replied, “One word – TORTURE.
Of course the child said that because it is exactly what it is. The only difference is he created many masks in order to simply ‘cover it up.’
During the time he lived in Germany, he learned the extreme suffering the methods of ‘isolation caused’ and further studied Hitler’s methods and mastered them prior to migrating to Melbourne, Australia where he would carry out his visions and dreams. Forty three years of the applications of these methods in Melbourne means now they are exposed, we must work to shut it down for the benefit of all in our community. Forty three years of suffering for those who endured it and importantly the creator of the system is still alive and active in our community of Melbourne.
This system needs to be shut down after forty three years. We must shut down any system that commit these actions of child slavery or mental – physical torture in Melbourne.
One child had said after escaping this system after fourteen years in Melbourne…
‘He is always pushing the boundaries trying to bypass the systems of law in Melbourne society–in order to create a mental ward for children.
‘When we observe his mind and his ‘vision and dreams’ and look at the ‘outcomes’ of achievements with The Melbourne Torture Gang , this image explains perfectly what they are driven by.
By infiltrating a mosque, this cannot be for the purpose of love. This is a great mismatch. On the one hand spend decades creating a system of child slavery and child abuse and on the other hand enter a ‘mosque’ and pretend to preach and teach to children as a “God” loving man. On the flip side, create mental wards for children in society who he has access to or teach those methods and help in their application. God & Torture is a mismatch.
There could only be one reason. That reason is to ‘seek out’ other parents and child targets by way of networking that his ‘system of isolation and abuse and child slavery in Melbourne can expand. This is also evident by previous actions.
MANIPULATION: It has nothing to do with the religion itself. It is the gross manipulation of torturers trying to target – infiltrate and expand through places like a Mosque. Most people attending will not know that someone amongst them is there to expand their system of child slavery and manipulate it through ‘religion’. For a master of Hitlers methods and mastermind of manipulation targeting God loving people practicing their faith is no big task for someone like the creator of this system. That’s why – we need to warn mosques of the dangers that are out there so they can take preventative measures to stop some trying to impose child slavery in Melbourne.
The main sign is if the child is comfortable around others, one thing that happens with the silencing is they will feel very uncomfortable and withdrawn. They will not want to ‘speak’ in most cases.
Obviously these are not ‘all’ of his strategies in his system but these are some that will give the Melbourne readers a good indication of the type of methods applied in his system.
a) In most cases it is around zero to 15 years this varies on ‘when the child can escape. If the child can escape.
b) If the child cannot escape then child will be driven to ‘more isolation and mental illness permanent:
c) If the child escapes in MTG Melbourne Child Slavery Isolation Systems
They will endure the MTG SADO CHILD HUNT – Forever Stalked Until Death do Us Apart
a) In most cases it is around zero to 15 years this varies on ‘when the child can escape. If the child can escape.
b) If the child cannot escape then child will be driven to ‘more isolation and mental illness and prepared for a life of abuse – sexual abuse – forever stalked in order to control – reproduction birth so MTG duplicate the process with new babies – snatchings of kids – isolation of females children process duplicates:
c) Embed: MTG will try to embed unknown to victim a male abuser for relationship: This is set up and how it is done.
d) Duplication – any children are then in the MTG Sado isolation and abuse system over the course of the next zero to 15 years.
e) If the child escapes in MTG Melbourne Child Slavery Isolation Systems
MTG SADO HUNT – Forever Stalked Until Death do Us Apart
This is where the Melbourne Torture Gang come into action – the stalking goes on endlessly, It isn’t a stalk where someone follows someone else to the shops. It is a life ling stalk that goes for decades, “until death do us apart”.
2: STARVATION – MINIMUM FOOD (Give things like packet of chips. If child tries to access food – use screaming loud drive great fear in child. NO – TRACE FOR DHS)
6: SCREAM CONSTANT AT CHILD (NO TRACE BYPASS DHS) Begin process of screaming at child from early stage ‘birth’ and even when holding in your arms. NO TRACE DHS
If you are threatened by the family court — while in attendance, comply and release the child for access for one weekend or two after court. Then move to ISOLATE and begin the isolation system over again. Continue to apply this strategy over the course of ten years.
11: LANGUAGE: Use abusive language towards child.
Do not be concerned with DHS maximum fear applied to child will ensure child won’t speak up if investigated. Make sure there are no marks on child. If children do not speak up it will ‘bypass’ and case is closed.
SILENCING: Ensure that all methods applied ‘silence child’ from as early as possible.
Always apply extreme fear from zero to ten years, especially on female children this is important for later years — teen and adult because by applying methods of ‘scaring the child’ we can make that teen or adult ‘ReTrigger’ and fall a captive under control again. After prolonged scaring and isolation the child will be easier to manipulate. (Captive – Hostage)
1: During the first ten years or more child is isolated in Melbourne.
2: The mother trying to get help to free the isolation can’t because the police say ‘its a family matter’ – MTG Sado systems know this. So it does not concern them.
The mother tries to take action via the court but MTG SADO worked out that would be a long process maybe even ten years so to MTG SADO this means ‘TEN YEARS OF ISOLATION AND ABUSE’.
So that is “HOW” MTG SADO create the ‘isolation concentration camp in modern day Melbourne by using the ‘waiting periods in between courts.’ To them it always means “TIME FOR ISOLATION”.
3: This is important part of the early isolation and conditioning in the MTG Sado system for child slavery in Melbourne because if the child can escape then MTG Sado will simply do what is called the SADO HUNT and what that does is constantly stalk and scare the child as much as possible without getting caught. This process can be over a year or two or four or forever. What happens is, in the MTG SADO System there is no end to the Sado Stalk because in their eyes the child is a ‘slave’. Slaves get hunted. Of course they do not ‘tell people this’ but it is how it works.
4: The mother flees with the child to a new location and tries to raise the boy but is still pursued and moves again and is still pursued and moves again and is still pursed. What the mother doesn’t realize is the MTG oath “WE WILL NEVER STOP”.
RE-Trigger Fear Greatly
So the boy who was ‘free’ and become independent after a long course of time is now fallen and broken down again.
This is not only caused by the scaring but also ‘all of the actions’ the MTG do to also the mother and their home. The MTG know that what they do to the mother also ‘affect’ the child. They have time, so they continue to target until the boy is ‘recaptured’.
SECRECY: The MTG work in secret, observing an MTG member you will not ever know. of course we know the main core of the MTG.
To give you an idea of how it works here is one real example.
To most this method of Sado’s Undetectable Torture would ‘bypass’ and not be seen by those who are not accustomed to it.
Children naturally or even teens have zero chance of surviving the effects of mental harm unleashed upon them by Torture Gang members.
In the Sado visions and dreams, the lunatic nazi hearted soul is the one ‘destroying the lives of children’ — that is if they can’t get away. Many can’t. That’s why, no one can say that any child in the Melbourne Torture Gang captured by a long term Sado Child Hunt is ‘free to express or be the independent person they deserve to be’ – in fact because they are ‘isolated and constantly surrounded and manipulated by a Torture Gang Member, the result-they are a “hostage’ a captive. This is undeniable when we observe the methods used to capture the children and the methods applied during the early years from birth ‘the child slave conditioning stage”.
1: Long term gang coordinated sado stalk
2: Multiple gang members entrapping a child (the most gross form of bullying)
3: Over long term sado stalk methods applied, the child falls weak and feels suffocated, and in some cases much worse
This is the core of the Sado system.
If a child was ‘free’ and not a hostage they would not need to isolate a child for 10, 12, 15 years. They would not need to isolate the child at any stage. They use the system at every level to achieve this isolation process and of course do so wrongly.
When it comes to the law, look for areas to ‘legally isolate the child from ANY protecting person.
When dealing with the torture gang, people need to look beyond the manipulations because everything is always evident in the results.
I will here endeavor to explain the method and give you an idea of the mind of Sado and the Mind of the Melbourne Torture Gang.
Naturally this is ‘only’ one instance there are ‘many, many more’ which he has been applying for decades.
1: You have one brother who has helped another brother for all of his life. That brother may be someone that was doing it hard as a kid. So Sam does all he can and goes and takes Bobby and puts him under his wing and for years, helps Bobby, gives Bobby support and even gets Bobby working in a great job.
2: Many years later Bobby gets sick and is dying, the doctor says you have one year to live.
3: What Sado has taught in the Melbourne Torture Gang System of Sado Undetectable Methods of Torture is this.
a) Bobby is dying so Sado and the Melbourne Torture Gang know he has one year to live so now they will wait until the last weeks of Bobby’s death and when Bobby is about to die ‘they will send Sam overseas on a HOLIDAY.’
b) They will ensure Sam is ‘partying and living it up and they will get Sam to post amazing ‘party pictures of himself on Facebook. Sam of course is also a part of the Melbourne Torture Gang.
c) Sado and his torture crew will then make sure Bobby can keep observing all the amazing partying of the person he helped all his life — while he is dying in his hospital bed.
What needs to be understood about the Undetected Torture Methods is they are ‘deliberate in their design and their application’. The idea behind it is, he could create strategies to cause harm and emotional hurt on someone without leaving a trace. What’s important when it comes to the meaning of torture is it is either ‘mental harm or physical harm’.
Obviously this method again ‘bypasses’ a person can’t get into trouble for it.
Now here is the thing, naturally this happening once can be just seen as something as a one off, but that’s not how it is with MTG, as there are countless number of times these undetectable torture methods are applied all from the same originating source. We can write many of these methods and even show with evidence how it where it has been applied, because MTG do make mistakes where they also leave a trail.
Torture in Melbourne
Child slavery in Melbourne
These are the results and gross unfairness on helpless children who cannot defend themselves. This system must be banned.

Some strategies of Melbourne Torture Gang..

1: ISOLATION – He found that by the use of isolation he could cause great significant harm to a child, By isolating long term he could ‘enslave a child. He found that he could cause immense significant harm ‘torture’ to a parent by the use of isolation.

2: ISOLATION THE FOUNDATION OF TORTURE – In his torture gang strategies, the methods he applies ‘is constantly seeking to ‘isolate.’

2: ORGANISED SNATCHINGS – When a new child was born my he could easily set that parent up, by having the other people in his group organise false calls to departments like DHS constantly – destablising the parent and driving them to depression. By this method of ‘gang stalking constantly’ the parent would end up in court ‘for no reason’ risking to lose the child. In one instance this was organised, the DHS nearly gave one female child to a man that was not even the parent of the child and had abused the mother. The ruling was overturned when it was found the man who was trying to take the child ‘was in fact not the father and had greatly abused the mother of the child.’ If it had succeeded then the child would have been ‘isolated from the mother’ from a very early age and tortured. The man was at the time was a part of the Melbourne Torture Gang and still is today.

3: ENSLAVE – He found that by the methods of isolation, he could completely control, dominate, degrade, humiliate a child and drive ‘terror’ into the child by using tools ‘like knives and butchers knives. The early he could commence the torture the more harm he could do and on female children his goal would be to ultimately control them by re-triggering their early fear during their teens or adult life through ‘gang stalking’ the victim and using methods of isolation then ‘manipulate the greatly weakened victim for re-capture. The Sado Hunt is the name for the endless stalk.

4: The Melbourne Torture Gang had masked one word, ‘gang’ for ‘family’. Because the actual family was ‘very small’ which he created with only 3 at people at the start, that gang grew and later reached  five people. Then later it grew to around 7 core members. So over the course of time, the gang grew however not in great proportions. So he basically splits the family, there are the ‘hunters’ and the ‘hunted’ this is the reason for the endless Sado Stalk. The endless sado stalk is basically stalking that never ends. The gang will then stalk the victims. Because the gang has access to stalk the victims easy by using the ‘cover’ of ‘family’. The unsuspecting victims thought they were simply ‘family’ and in fact they were a secret ‘gang’ inside the family. The family being small there was no middle ground. In other words there was no one else. So to terminate the abused and enjoy his own passion for the ‘stalk’ the child slave victims would be hunted endlessly through the Sado Stalk. What happened was ‘one’ of the child slave victims for many years had ‘cut off’ ties to the main family as they had stalked him and created never ending chaos for decades. When it was looked into what was going on for the past few years, this is what was found. One victim who was ill was stalked through the Sado Hunt during the time of the illness. This caused more chaos in the family, the targeting of the victim was ‘increased’ during the time of the illness and those who increased that targeting was the very same ‘gang.” Then on that victim the same ‘gang’ used long term of isolation.

5: TARGET FROM WITHIN – He found that by targeting children and parents that were born from ‘within’ the ‘family’, he could ensure he and the gang could avoid being captured.

5: USE THE SYSTEM OF LAW – He found that the torture gang could easily use the system of law in order to ‘isolate the child for abuse and torture by using the system of law for improper purposes.’ He would use a female member of his Melbourne Torture Gang abuse group (and still does) to constantly apply for ‘false intervention orders and or manipulate others to obtain them — which would create a barrier from the application and return date and during this short period of some weeks, the torture would be applied to the child.


In most cases, to ‘increase the torture’ to the parent — the strategy which was being applied — ‘would be to also call the isolated parent on the phone – so the isolated parent could hear his child begging the isolated parent for help.’ (torture)

If the parent tried to do anything to help or stop whatever was going on my he would have ‘the female call the police and have the parent trying to help the child arrested for a breach of an intervention order.

So by this method as just one common example, he would use the system of law in order to isolate and torture the child and the parent of the child together long term.

This method again is not manipulation but in my view “TORTURE.”

6: RELENTLESS LONG TERM ISOLATION – Just as he had applied to his own wife who he had children to, by taking children overseas to Melbourne where his wife could ‘never see’ some of the children for decades any isolation he would apply to the children in Melbourne via the methods of the Melbourne Torture Gang would also be long term. In one instances children were isolated for around 8 to 10 straight years. Regardless of any court orders the protecting parent had, the child with MTG in Isolation could not see that parent. He would be vicious with his prolonged methods of isolation that he incorporated into the torture gang. He saw the protective parent of the child as a ‘slave’ a person who had also gone through the same child slavery and child torture at under his own rule.

7: NO LAW AGAINST IT STRATEGIES – To give you one example, one child complained that after school he was constantly being placed in bed at 5pm. By applying methods and strategies where there is ‘no law against it’ he would constantly seek new methods to apply on the children via his group. Now when you consider just one instance of this strategy then combine it with many other methods every single day for the next ten years it is immense cruelty to a child.

8: CUTTING – TORTURE – When a child around four years old had complained about being cut the cover that was used ‘was he was playing with scissors and a child needs to experience things.’

So the MTG always use ‘manipulations’ lies in order to cover up abuses. But the reality is the accumulation of all these abuses means it is not possible now to ‘cover them up.’


Consider the fact that over the course of the past forty three years children in Melbourne have been having to live with these methods of torture and isolation. There have been many people we know that have been subjected to this. There have been many people who have not only been harmed but died as a result of never ending abuses to them, it drove them to illness and sickness. If they were not subjected to being abused in the methods of slavery and isolation and torture, the chances are they would be alive today. Furthermore there are children in danger and suffering and even some as adult due to this system and the Melbourne Torture Gang. Now with the accumulation of gross abuses like this which no child or person should need to endure, all the ‘covering up’ must end and those who aided and helped and are a part of this system should answer for their gang and the system of isolation and torture to children and adults by their methods. People have been left with mental harm and it has destroyed their lives. They have been able to keep it a secret for over four decades and if it isn’t stopped now, then this system of child slaver and child degradation and the ‘hunting by stalk’ will spread and will expand into our community. He is already networking through mosques, is there any question why a man like this would be even at a mosque? Like his torture gang members say, ‘we will never stop.’ So it is vital when the community has such vast information that something is done about this because this system of terror is one that will destroy our community. This is not Melbourne. This secret group is no longer a secret and we are doing all we can to help the community be aware and as a community we must stand as one and insist that this be stopped. The horrendous Hitler and Nazi system of sheer evil has no place in our society. They know this, that’s why it had to be a secret for so long. In fact, there is only one person of the slave child side that was a part of the original child slaves left that can explain all of these horrendous methods and it just so happens the MTG have been targeting that person endlessly to try and shut that person down. If something was to happen to that original child who was one of the first to go through the slavery and isolation system then Melbourne will miss a major opportunity to shut this system of slavery and isolation for children down. It’s not often where not only the original abused victim of a system that targeted many and the creator of he child slavery and isolation system of torture are alive at the same time. So this is an opportunity to not only bring an end to those suffering from it but get justice for those who endured and also, find any other network it has infiltrated and save children and let our law enforcement deal with those associated with this group. That’s why the best time is now. Forty three years more of this is not the answer for Melbourne.


9: EXTREME SILENCING OF CHILDREN – Because knives are used and the torture is daily by mental or physical methods children are terrorized and cannot speak up. The reason they can’t speak up is because ‘it is torture’ not manipulation. Manipulation and Torture are two different things. Knives used on female children as early as two or three or four and so on would even make them ‘mute’ long term.

10: THE ROOM OF ISOLATION – A normal bedroom in the system is an ‘isolation chamber’ for a child. How he achieves this with his group is by cutting off all activities for the child completely and that child is conditioned to stay in the room and do everything in the room. The cover is, the fact that it appears like a bedroom so he always uses covers but the reality is for some those bedrooms were isolation chambers, that’s why in one instance it was applied so much the child has permanent mental illness. This is done for two reasons, one because obviously they ‘get off on it’ as it never ends and two in order to ‘cover’ the abuses — they run the risk of the child speaking up so it is better for them to a) drive to severe mental health problems, b) drive to suicide if possible c) set them up for harm.

11: ISOLATION FOR ABUSE — By isolating children from their parent at an early age the children could be abused with no one to help them. As one child said ‘she would isolate us in order to abuse us. That female is active for twenty years with methods of extreme deception working and learning from the creator and mastermind of the system. By someone else applying the methods it ensured there is no trace to him.

12: STARVATION OF THE CHILD – A common strategy

13: MENTAL HARM TO THE CHILD – By causing deliberate mental harm by prolonged described methods the torture gang can manipulate and control the child easier and if female continue to have the child sexually abused during later years, pushing to have children which will duplicate a supply of children for the torture gang.

14: EXTREME GANG STALKING – By working from within the child is surrounded by the group under the ‘pretext of family’ so the child is constantly stalked anything they create is destroyed by the gang and they are constantly faced with starting over again and again and again. In my fathers own words he will say –– ‘you become zero again?’

15: SMALL FAMILY MEANS EASY CONTROL: By having a small family he could ensure there are either the tortured children or the other part who are the torturers. So if there are 7 main core torture gang members and that is the main family the rest are tortured children, the torture gang can survive long and the organisation is easier to control. So to give you an example, if there is two children who are surrounded by 7 adults who are all in the torture gang ‘and they think others are family’ then those children are easily tracked and traced as the torture gang constantly work together. This is how he created it. New children born to the victims then become ‘hunted targets of the torture gang’ and the cycle goes on.

16: TEACHING THE METHODS OF TORTURE: Anyone joining the torture crew are taught the methods from him.

17: DESTRUCTION OF BUSINESSES THEFT OF ASSETS: He worked out, regardless of how successful a person is and how many businesses they create, ‘by the organised snatching of a child and then isolating that child and torturing the child and parent, a parent loses all desire to work because he is forever chasing the safety of that child and in doing so — has simply no time to continue operating a business which collapses.


By putting the child at risk, the parents focus ‘shifts from making money and being successful to trying to save a child from torture and harm. When this method is applied, if the gang can also set up ways to ‘rob the parent’ then they do so. Numerous successful businesses have been lost due to ‘organised snatching’ and in my fathers words he will say, “you become zero again.”

18: COVERS: The Melbourne Torture gang constantly uses deception and covers. Although my father created it they always have ‘someone else doing it’ this way he can’t get caught.

19: RELIGION: By adopting the cover of being religious and embracing religion he could enter a home ‘under the disguise of a peaceful man for a visit and act the part’ with the intent to ‘gather information for his gang in order to organise snatching, stalking of children. It can also be used for expanding via the mosque community in Melbourne.

20: BASHINGS IN ISOLATION: This is common and more common to females. In other words females get ‘bashed more’ in isolation and in one case one female was crippled in isolation in one leg and died a cripple.

21: SLAVERY OF WOMEN: Many years ago, decades back he married a woman, much younger and gave her the hope of a new future, she arrived to Melbourne. Then repeated bashing’s applied created a result. Now, more than three decades later, she has never driven a car, she can’t read or speak English and continues to catch buses. Those caught in his system are transformed. In my view, severe bashings of females in isolation in order for them to conform is ‘slavery’. This is his constant vision for ‘female children that are abused in the family and his greatest desire and the desire of those who work with him. He has bashed women on many occasions and is ruthless and if he can get away with it, he will continue to do so.

22: LABELING: The gang label victims together as “she is crazy” or she is ‘mental’ or she is mentally ill or she is a drug addict or she is a drug dealer or he is an alcoholic. For some reason by labeling ‘people believe it.’ They apply it to all victims. None of it is true but for some reason ‘it works.’

These are just some of the strategies used by the Melbourne Torture Gang.



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