–Leaders call for calm in wake of same-sex survey result on Wednesday

November 14, 2017

LEADING voices on opposing sides of the same-sex marriage debate in South Australia are calling for calm in the wake of today’s SSM survey.

AnglicareSA CEO Rev Peter Sandeman says irrespective of the outcome, respect for others and their opinions is paramount.

He said regardless of “our individual views” everyone has a right to their beliefs about marriage.

“We all have to respect and value the worth of each and every person,” said the head of the state’s major not-for-profit service provider.

Mr Sandeman has publicly shared his view on the issue in the past, urging same-sex marriage be allowed. He said his belief mirrors the ethos of his organisation.

“This is based on the fundamental belief that each life is valued, each person is entitled to justice, each person deserves respect, and each person should be enabled to experience their life to the full.”

“The public debate of marriage equality has been a difficult time for our gay and lesbian friends and family members … we must demonstrate mutual respect to avoid serious harm to vulnerable people.”

Australian Conservatives SA state leader Dennis Hood doesn’t share Mr Sandeman’s views on SSM but agrees it’s vital that opposing views are respected.

“A significant number of Australians have strongly held beliefs on both sides and these need to be understood and respected,” he said.

“Our nation has long celebrated the rights of individuals to hold personal convictions without unnecessary interference. If the result be a win for the ‘yes’ vote, it’s important for people on that side of the debate to recognise religious freedoms must be upheld and the rights of individuals to hold these views respected,” he said. – All News First!

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