– Last Libyan veteran of resistance against Italians dies aged 112

March 9, 2017

Abdul-Razaq al-Motarabiah Jilkhaf, the last surviving companion of Libyan resistance leader Omar al-Mukhtar, who fought against Italian colonists, died on Sunday at the age of 112.

Jilkhaf passed away in his residence located in eastern Libya, local media outlets reported.

Omar al-Mukhtar organized the Libyan resistance against the Italian colonization of the country. The Italians made a grab for the area from the disintegrating Ottoman Empire starting in 1911.

After 20-year resistance movement, al-Mukhtar was captured wounded by Italian colonial forces in September 1931 and executed by hanging at the age of 73.

Al-Mukhtar is recognized as a National Hero in Libya, and as a symbol of resistance in the Arab and Islamic worlds. – All News First!

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