| Julie Chen Thinks Omarosa ‘Played Up’ Asthma Attack to Avoid Eviction

February 14, 2018

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2018-02-14 08:58:18

Following her multiple gimmicks on “”, many think that Omarosa purposely said or did controversial things to gain spotlight. One of those people who believe that turns out to be the CBS show’s very own host Julie Chen, who has a lot to say regarding Omarosa’s recent .

In a interview with Entertainment Weekly, the host was asked to weigh in on the former White House staffer, who had to be hospitalized after she had trouble breathing following a HoH challenge on Friday, February 9 episode. “For me, I was really hoping Omarosa was exaggerating her need for medical attention so she could get back in the game,” Julie said.

She compared Omarosa’s situation to Christmas Abbott, who broke her leg while appearing on “” season 19. “I mean, Christmas went back in after a broken foot. My suspicion was that although Omarosa truly had an asthma attack, she played up the severity of it after it passed, to milk it for drama, attention, sympathy, and safety from eviction.”

Omarosa was seen grabbing her inhaler and heading to the backyard after the challenge, in which the contestants had to get dizzy and bowl. “I couldn’t breathe,” Omarosa said in the diary room. “It was really difficult to breathe. I knew I was in trouble with my asthma.”

She returned to the “Big Brother” house 19 hours later though, as CBS said in a statement, “Omarosa has returned to the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house after receiving medical attention last night and today for an asthma attack. This development will be addressed on the Sunday night broadcast.”

In Sunday episode, she said in the diary room, “We were able to get my asthma under control. It was a really scary experience. Thank God I am back in the game.”

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