| | ‘It’s A Vibrant Environment’: Meet The People Of Detroit

October 13, 2017


2017-10-13 17:24:45

Detroit was the twelfth stop on our Listen to America road trip. news chatted with folks in Campus Martius Park to find out what brings them to the city. Here’s what they had to say:

“This is a beautiful city. It’s a tough city, but it got a lot of love here.”

― Anthony Diggs (left), 36, unemployed

“Detroit was the foundation of America … Everything starts from here first.”

― Charles Gathright II (center), independent contractor

“I ain’t seen a city like it. No better, no worse.”

― Horace Chivers (right), 28, support associate

“I’ve been dancing here for about two years … It’s been absolutely amazing.” 

― Zofia Bochenek, 18, student

“With all its problems, I still love it as a city.”

― Mace Williams, 75, retired

“It’s a diverse culture … You can walk the streets and feel a little safer these days. It’s a vibrant environment.”

― Kelly Smith, 37, health care Medicare operations

“I started out in southwest Detroit and I now live in downtown Detroit and I love my city.”

― Candace Cooper, 41, private contractor

“I moved to downtown by accident, but I loved it. And I still love it. This town has embraced me … Detroit’s people are very soulful.”

― Joe Smith, 47, musician

“The main project I’m working on down here is trying to bring Major League Soccer to Detroit. Soccer is my passion, and Detroit is one of my newest passions.”

― Brennan Smith, 27, project manager

“I love going to Eastern Market, love coming down to the Opera House for the operas, the ballet. The waterfront is beautiful … I love the fact that Detroit is being revitalized.”

― Miriam Bochenek, 58, event planner 

“I’m here to educate kids on the classical ballet form.”

― Sergey Rayevskiy, 37, artistic director of Ballet Detroit

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