| How you can get a £16.50 MAC lipstick for free

November 16, 2017


2017-11-16 11:18:17

Nude MAC lipstickMAC lipsticks are priced at £16.50 each [MAC]

Is a makeup collection really a collection without one MAC lipstick or 50?

If, you’re like us, and obsessed with a MAC red lip and their matte collection, you’ll understand just how costly the beauty habit can get.

However, all your makeup dreams have just been answered as you can get a MAC lipstick, usually priced at £16.50 for FREE.

With party season just around the corner, there’s a Black Friday hack that allows you to get a free lippy, and the process is really easy.

MAC red lipstickThe MAC red lipstick is a favourite for shoppers [MAC]

All you have to do is sign up to cash back website, TopCashback and they’ll give you £16.50 BACK for any lipstick.

Simply click on the MAC lipstick deals page and purchase your desired hue, which will also include delivery.

Then, TopCashback will reimburse you the £16.50 cost which will sit in your website account for seven days before becoming transferable to your personal bank account after 14 days.

Make sure you read the full T&C’s here.

MAC purple lipstickMAC have an array of colours to pick from [MAC]

So when does the deal start? The offer started on November 13 and ends on December 10 – so that’s plenty of time to get yourself a free MAC lipstick.

And that’s not the only incredible Christmas deal we’ve come across recently.

Aldi, have answered all your festive cheers and released a 3 litre bottle of Prosecco. 

Over on Twitter, one excited person wrote: “Aldi bringing out the 3 litre bottle of prosecco has made my life.”

Just imagine how many glasses you could pour with a three litre bottle of the sparkling stuff Just imagine how many glasses you could pour with a three litre bottle of the sparkling stuff [BOOKr]

Another added: “3 litre bottle of prosecco being launched at Aldi???? Christmas is gonna be vvvvv jolly.”

The bottle of fizz in question costs £39.99, and the Prosecco Jeroboam DOCG, and boasts Fresh citrus fruits and wisteria flower flavours.

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