– Genie Bouchard and her Super Bowl date are still an item

December 7, 2017

The unlikeliest romance of 2017 looks like it has a good chance of reaching 2018.

You might remember this fun story from last winter: Canadian tennis pro Genie Bouchard went on a date with one of her Twitter followers after betting him that the New England Patriots wouldn’t come back from a 21-0 hole to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

As you know, the Patriots eventually came back from 25 points and Bouchard held up her end of the bargain, taking 20-year-old Missouri student John Goehrke to sit courtside at a Brooklyn Nets game.

The two hit it off so well that Bouchard told media outlets there was a good chance of the couple getting together again and, lo and behold, the two showed up on social media together on Wednesday.

And lest anyone think their first public date was nothing but a publicity grab, they looked not only cozy but completely enveloped in the romantic holiday spirit:

That’s one way to spend a Christmas break.

Bouchard had a disappointing 2017 season, finishing the year ranked No. 82 in the world after being in the top 10 as recently as three years ago. She’ll depart for Australia soon to start the new season.

But apparently not before spending time with her favorite fan.

Genie Bouchard and John Goehrke on their date in February. (BOOKr Images) – All News First!

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