– Gang helping FETÖ suspects flee to Greece nabbed

February 17, 2017

Police captured a gang who helped members of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) wanted by Turkey after sneaking into neighboring Greece. Suspects are accused of receiving 20,000 euros for each person they helped to cross into Greece through the border town of Edirne.

One of the gang members is a police officer stationed at a border crossing and another is a taxi driver who brought a doctor and his wife wanted for FETÖ membership to that crossing. The couple, whose passports were rendered invalid after they were implicated in a FETÖ case, were aided by the officer to cross into Greece.

Another gang member who introduced FETÖ suspects to the police officer was detained in another operation.

A popular destination for illegal immigrants hoping to enter Europe, Turkey’s western neighbor Greece now faces an influx of FETÖ suspects. On Feb. 13, two men linked to the terrorist group, blamed for the July 15 coup attempt, were apprehended near the border en route to Greece. Both were dismissed from their jobs at government ministries for links to the group and were accompanied by their wives on their secret journey to Greece – which in the past has been accused of harboring terrorists wanted by Turkey. The two men had outstanding detention warrants. – All News First!

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