| Fake Attention Grabbing “Non Related” Shameful Front Page News By The Herald Sun in Melbourne

August 3, 2017

When it comes to ‘nightclubs in Melbourne’, Martha Tsamis is well known and renowned for being known as one of the ‘best’ nightclub operators in Melbourne and the entire state of Victoria.

It has been no secret for many years ‘at least five’ that Martha has been in a serious relationship with her partner, ‘who happens to be a detective in the Victoria Police’ and it’s a real shame that once again the Herald Sun a major newspaper in Melbourne are acting in a way “as if they were not aware about Martha’s relationship” – when they have been aware for many years.

The Herald Sun is reaching deep with it’s heavily declining number of readers and are trying to get attention with their not related ‘fake front page news’. It’s not related so therefore we call it “fake news.”

It’s really shameful and fake news reporting – because really they should be reporting on the facts as Neil Mitchell did on 3aw, where Martha part owner of the Inflation nightclub spoke about the trauma the recent ‘police shooting’ left behind at the Inflation nightclub. During the rare interview, Martha spoke out about ‘what actually happened.



Listen to real reporting from Neil Mitchell from 3aw who interviewed Martha. You will hear a lot more about the real truth about ‘whats going’ when you listen to this interview.

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Many disgruntled Herlald Sun readers are not happy about paying to read the news as the Herald Sun has a ‘pay wall’. Many believe news should be free as it’s ‘free online’ and many readers don’t wish to pay for “fake attention grabbing non related news.” As a result of the hugely declining numbers in subscriptions, the Herald Sun seem to be reaching deep lately with trying to grab attention by posting ‘non related news on their front page.’


Below, read just some of the comments from Martha’s real supporters. You can read for yourself comments ‘from real people’ and find the truth about the professional manner Martha has always run her business.

We agree with Amanda Morgan who wrote “Hear Hear…. Go and get the priests…xxx

We believe in bringing you facts and ‘real news’ after all, what’s real is real.


Typical Herald Scum!…write whatever crap they want…stay strong Martha….the truth will eventually be told!


I don’t swear, but WHAT THE F…? herald sun just went national enquirer. I’m saddened to see a great paper go so low. Nobody believes crap in the national enquirer, and everyone in the industry knows about the “relationship” between the two. Nothing sensational about it, but completely derogatory and (bordering on) defamatory.


Old news media is dying, these dogs should be put down , anyone has any dirt on their journos bring it on.


Take it from someone who is with Martha Tsamis 2 days a week plus

This is so old about her relationship and big deal

Bit slow sun

Media hype yet again

It’s just a shame the whole of Melbourne is behind martha


Must’ve Been a Slow News Day Yesterday !!!


Everyone knows who the night club queen is … FYI in what 20+ years out front and behind the scenes I never saw drugs anywhere.


I am sick and tired of the public and media talking about a subject and situation as well as people that they have no clue about at all. Martha Tsamis staff management of Inflation Night club Cloud nine Chasers Night Club are trained , kept up to date with liquor licencing laws rules and any other laws rules guidelines regarding RSA RSG AND SAFE VENUE SAFE PARTYING . Martha Tsamis has not broken the law at all if anything Martha Tsamis attends and participates in all committee meetings for local government as well as training liquor licence meetings . She ensures that all staff are kept updated weekly this encludes training meetings memos not only to security management and bar staff but all staff employed by either venue. Her personal life IS NOT THE PUBLICS BUSINESS AND NOR HAS SHE KEPT ANYTHING A SECRET FROM THE NECESSARY PEOPLES OR AGENCIES. I’ve worked for Martha Tsamis Patrick Dromi since 2001 I have learnt and grown threw the businesses from the bottom up
Martha puts in long hours daily not only dealing the daily running of business but also training meetings conferences to ensure that she and staff are providing a safe legally run venues. She puts her businesses first even before her family . Martha is the one who introduce I’d scanning machines to venues safe school programs ect.Maybe the public and press shout stop and think for a second before they comment or assume from now on in regards to this whole issue. Innocent people were hurt innocent staff traumatised and not to Martha and family too they are all human beings with a heart soul emotions have Some CONSIDERATION RESPECT AND COMMON SENSE.


Martha stay strong I cannot believe the media and again anonymous sources have taken to such lows. The journalists should be ashamed and disgusted at putting their names to rubbish like this, your relationship has never been a secret to anyone, friends, police or most who know either of you!. This is outrageous and only confirms that it seems the campaign to undermine the seriousness of legitimate complaints made by you through the appropriate channels have clearly some worried. Never have you made a public accusation until you received media or Police attacks, you have always followed the process of raising issues with appropriate bodies to look into. This is the worst journalism and reporting I have seen even from the Herald Sun. I doubt the police just realised this relationship existed and wonder why the sensationalism and claims to exclusive story!.

I could have printed this exclusive years ago and no one would have cared funny how it’s relevant and exclusive news today.

See for yourself – the many ‘real supporters’ Martha Tsamis has, people who worked for her and work for her–as well as customers who have for many years visited her nightclubs. The Herald Sun should apologize to Martha for such fake attention grabbing ‘non related news’.

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RELATED: Rare interview: Inflation nightclub owner Martha Tsamis speaks out:

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