| EastEnders actress Lacey Turner’s reveals her wedding influenced her new tattoo

August 23, 2017


2017-08-22 08:57:16

Lacey Turner tattoo meanings: EastEnders actress shares new ink with fans on InstagramLacey Turner tattoo meanings: EastEnders actress shares new ink with fans on Instagram [Lacey Turner/Instagram]

The BBC star – who is also known for her role on Our Girl before Michelle Keegan took over – revealed the results of her new ink to her 145k followers on Instagram.

Posing in a backless gold dress, Lacey Turner – who recently got engaged – proudly showed off a selection of large Hindu-style tattoos, which were done by Hornsey studio Aggy’s Ink. 

The 29 year old also revealed a quote lower down her back, has the word “love” written on her thigh and a faded flower at the bottom of her back.

But now Lacey Turner has revealed how her latest tattoo – of the large elephant – was done so she could show it off in her wedding dress.

OK! magazine coverLacey Turner discusses her tattoos [OK! magazine]

Speaking exclusively to OK! magazine, Lacey said: “I’d always wanted an elephant, as I love them. I’d been thinking about it for about 18 months.

“You can see my back in my wedding dress and it felt like there was a gap on my back so I wanted to fill it.”

Here’s what the rest of Lacey Turner’s tattoos mean, as she admits she started getting inked eight years ago…

Two birds

Lacey has two birds that sit inwards on her shoulders that look like swallows.

Generally, birds symbolise freedom and hope but historically the meaning behind two swallows date back to British sailors, who used the tattoos to show off their sailing experience.

Nowadays they symbolise loyalty and love.

Lacey Turner tattoo meanings: Birds have an historical meaningLacey Turner tattoo meanings: Birds have an historical meaning [Lacey Turner/Instagram]

Hamsa Hand

The actress first shared her Hamsa Hand tattoo off in 2011 on social media.

It’s an ancient Middle Eastern symbol often found on jewellery, and refers to the Hand of God or Hand of Fatima.

It’s said to have a deep spiritual meaning, with some cultures believing it is a force of protection.

It’s supposed to brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

Lacey Turner tattoo meanings: BBC star shared this Hamsa Hand on Instagram in 2011Lacey Turner tattoo meanings: BBC star shared this Hamsa Hand on Instagram in 2011 [Lacey Turner/Instagram]


Lacey’s Elephant tattoo is her newest addition, the pretty Asian animal is associated with good luck.

It can also symbolise strength, power and dignity, which is telling considering Lacey is due to tie the knot to her long-term boyfriend and now fiancé, Matt Kaye.

Lacey Turner tattoo meanings: Ink of Elephant on her backLacey Turner tattoo meanings: Our Girl actress recently had an elephant tattooed onto her back, which generally is thought to bring good luck [Lacey Turner/Instagram]


Lacey’s phrase on her back, reads: “Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

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