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March 9, 2017

We have looked at a number of image recognition based search engines before, such as Google faces tracker, which we saw in 2013, which was designed for finding faces in Google Earth imagery, or Terrapattern a more recent and more general search engine. We have also had a look at DigitalGlobe’s use of artificial intelligence to analyse imagery.

Today we are looking at Decartes Labs which is very similar to Terrapattern. You select a location and it finds other imagery with similar features. They have three imagery datasets:
* Aerial imagery of the US from the National Agriculture Imagery Program of the USDA.
* A global mosaic of Landsat imagery.
* PlanetScope imagery of China (a product of satellite imaging company Planet).

Click on a wind turbine and it will find a thousand others instantly. There are a few similar objects it picks up that are not wind turbines, but it is quite impressive that the majority of them are, despite being captured from different angles, facing different directions and having their shadows in different directions.

Be sure to try other distinctive features such as baseball fields, parking lots, storage yards, airports and more.

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