| Chris Brown buys baby monkey as a pet for daughter Royalty

December 8, 2017


2017-12-07 22:24:16

Chris Brown opened up about his relationship with RihannaChris Brown has been slammed for buying his daughter a monkey [BOOKr]

The With You singer presented his three year old daughter Royalty with a baby monkey. 

He shared a video of the moment his child receives the marmoset, who was wrapped in a blanket and wearing a nappy. 

“Is that your baby? He’s going to be bigger than you! Look, you have the same sized head,” Chris said. 

Chris Brown's daughter Royalty has a new petChris Brown’s daughter Royalty has a new pet [Chris Brown/Instagram]

But some of his 41 million followers weren’t impressed with the little girls’s new pet. 

“Shame on you. The baby monkey belongs to his mom,” one wrote. 

Another added: “They poor baby monkey belongs with his/her mother!!!! Get her a doll not a freaking monkey! Wtf.”

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 06:  Singer-songwriter Chris Brown attends the premiere of "Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life" at Regal LA Live Stadium 14 on JunFans slammed the singer-songwriter [BOOKr]

A third fan wrote: “Cruel this monkey belongs in the wild, stop exploiting animals just because u have money!”

“This is just sad. why would she need a monkey? you know what the monkey REALLY needs? it’s mother. It’s a baby. Sad @chrisbrownofficial. Have some respect for wild life,” a fourth fan chimed in. 

According to the RSPCA, although owning a marmoset isn’t illegal they don’t make a good pet. 

Chris Brown daughter Royalty monkeyThe marmoset was wrapped in a blanket and wearing a nappy [Chris Brown/Instagram]

Their website states: “They are wild animals that have very specific welfare needs. 

“It is impossible to provide an environment as complex and rich as the wild for a marmoset kept as a pet. They are tropical animals who require a warm climate.”

It also states that any primate can become aggressive as they mature and can attack their owners.

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