– BREAKING NEWS! – WARNING MELBOURNE COMMUNITY: Be-careful as Melbourne Torture Gang has Trades & Services People That Will Stake Out Your Home in Order To Get Vital Information About You & Your Family

October 17, 2017

Melbourne community should take extra caution as the Melbourne Torture Gang also uses certain ‘trades and services’ to seek out your home and gather information about you and your life and your ‘family.’ We know who the main ‘trades and services’ are that are linked to the Melbourne Torture Gang.

Please Note: We have covered the ‘signs’ on the vehicle for ‘legal’ purposes however it is a Black Renault Van and we will be providing this vehicle to the Vic Police.

We urge the Melbourne Community to take extra precaution if calling ‘trades and services to your home or place of business.

It is absolutely vital that you reveal ‘no information about any ‘children’. Be on the look out for a ‘Black Van’.

The undeniable links we have to the Melbourne Torture Gang are from the following industries,

  • Cleaning industry
  • Home Cleaning
  • Business Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Repair Industry
  • Fridge Repairs


What they seek most is to ‘target’ people who may have children.


The way they operate is they will not enter your home and cause violence, but if you have what they want, they will gather the information and possibly target you by way of a pre-planned – long term operation in order to capture a person for the purpose of ‘isolation and torture.’


The person you may call for trades and services may be one of the persons obtaining the vital information from you and your home about family members or children in order to ‘plan – organise against you and your family in order to do harm by ‘isolation and torture.’


If you see a Renault Black van – like the one in the image be extra cautious, do not let them enter your home or business. Tell your friends and share. Let the Melbourne Community Be Aware. They also have other vans, white vans — but the one in the image is a ‘main’ van to look out for as the person works and has worked closely with the Melbourne Torture Gang Organizers over the past ten years or more.


This person also takes regular overseas trips. This is a method they use in order to make it appear that he has no connection to the Melbourne Torture Gang. It is a cover and a mask, “the torturers use many masks” in order to ‘break the link and connection’ between them.


It is alleged that around the time of the isolation and the alleged torture of two female victims of the Melbourne Torture Gang this person took a quick trip overseas. The highly organised Melbourne Torture Gang use this method in order to say “I wasn’t here” it provided them a ‘mask’ in order to cover it up. However it should be noted prior to this person going overseas between the years 2011 and 2016 he gained access to one the ‘home’ of one of the people connected to the two females that are alleged to be ‘isolated and tortured.’ During the years between 2011 and 2016 he obtained and passed on vital information to the mastermind and organizers of the gang and around the time of his departure one other person who he had ‘observed’ during the years between 2011 and 2016 is alleged to be another victim that was ‘snatched’.

At around that time in 2016, this person was contacted and during that telephone conversation he said that he was suddenly away overseas in the nation of “Turkey.” It is alleged he greatly contributed over the course of six years in the stalking, gang stalking and the operation by the Melbourne Torture Gang in obtaining a ‘certain person’ against their will.



There is video footage of this person available at the Frankston Magistrates court and footage also reveals the same van in the image parked in the court car park speaking to a ‘certain person’.

Although the video footage would be available through the Frankston Magistrate Court from a few months back, we don’t have the exact current date at present.


There is also video footage of this person with one a person connected to the alleged victims. This video is available at Vic Roads between the year 2015 and 2016.

We do not have the exact date of the footage at the present stage.


They are highly organised, they will stake out your home for many years targeting you in order to capture and seize a family member by organised design for the purpose of ‘isolation and torture’ of the victim. So be extra careful until Vic Police put an end to this forty three year terror of the most vicious crew in Melbourne’s history.


The mastermind, the leader and ‘boss’ of the Gang targets everything by design. They are an organised group, organised crime. They need many covers and masks, they need to organised by design because their ultimate goal is always ‘isolation of a person in order to torture’ them. They have existed for forty three years in Melbourne which shows their ability to ‘hide’. We know who they are and we know how they ‘operate’. We are helping stop any more harm or torture in the Melbourne Community. Females are at great risk. Until Vic Police stop them, we will continue to bring you as much information as possible so no other person in Melbourne or child is ‘tortured in isolation.’

Although we know who the linked persons are and where they operate from, we are by law not able to release the full information at the present moment and urge the Melbourne Community to take precaution.


The diagram below shows an indication of the main areas of gang members. There are other Melbourne Torture Gang members but for now these are the ‘core’ and foundation.

If you see anything suspicious or need help please dial Vic Police by dialing 000.

Keep updated on the Melbourne Torture Gang community information we are providing at to ensure our community, families and their children are safe and helping to put an end to 43 years of ‘terror and torture’ in Melbourne.

Tell your friends and share.

Protect our women and children in our community. Isolation and Torture is not Melbourne, times like this as a community we must rise and help each other and save our Melbourne people form ‘torturers’.

Let the Melbourne Community Be Aware.


Important: Melbourne Community Safety and Awareness.

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