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February 23, 2018


2018-02-23 13:30:00

The moment you lay eyes on Beca, her kinetic energy, dark-disco-pop style, and ethereal voice make it impossible to forget her. The Los Angeles transplant effortlessly carries herself with the swagger of a star. She’s a force of nature in concert and in front of a camera and possesses an alluring radio-ready sound, knack for smart storytelling, and a sharp ear for a seductive hook. Her irresistible song, “In Deep Love”, is a dance club slow burn that offers a transcendent message of hope and comfort in difficult times.

Beca started her journey in NYC attending The Juilliard School, learning through the focused lens of a performing arts conservatory. Here, she honed her musical chops as a multi-instrumentalist skilled at piano, voice, and music composition. Yet her rebellious soul grew frustrated and restless, yearning for more. She turned to the vibrant club scene both on the dance floor and as a performer, embracing electronic dance music as a provocative way of expressing complex, and sometimes conflicting emotions. She released two EPs via the UK label This Is Music Ltd. – working with notable names such as artist Findlay Brown, producer Morgan Wiley of Midnight Magic, and remixers Ashley Beedle, Night Drive, and Madeaux. After experiencing a traumatic heartbreak, she packed up her things and moved to Los Angeles with a mission, half a heart, and nothing left to lose.

Since moving to the west coast, Beca has self-released her debut full-length album Ecliptic as well as her latest In Deep Love EP, co-produced by Luxxury and Fabian Ordorica. Her collaboration with Jayson Martinovich of Bluemilk Images led to the striking music video he directed, brimming with sensuous pop-tastic visuals of the title track. Beca, in op-art cherry red, pulses out of the screen with every word. Her Cleopatra-esque counterpart mourns lost love while radiating the golden light of inner strength. Throughout the video, dancer Kyle Thomas Shea dressed all in white, freestyles to the music – completing the bold visual triangle that speaks directly to Beca’s chic aesthetic, distinctive sound, and hypnotic presence.

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