–Australians had to wait an extra four-minutes to hear the results of the same-sex marriage postal survey

November 15, 2017

It was the result that stopped the nation.

Millions of Australians across the country stopped and tuned in to hear the results of the same-sex marriage postal survey delivered by Australian Statistician David Kalisch from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The announcement was scheduled for 10am on Wednesday morning, but Australians had to wait a little longer to hear the verdict.

And while it just took a bit over four minutes, to many who had been waiting months – or years – to hear the result, it felt like an eternity.

Mr Kalisch began the announcement with an introduction of himself and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, paying his respects to elders past and present. 

He then explained the role of the ABS.

“As the nation’s official statistical agency, the ABS provides trusted, relevant, objective statistics to inform Australia’s important decisions,” he said.

“ABS statistics provide quality information about our society, our population, the economy and the environment.”

He had the nation’s attention, but people were getting impatient.

Within minutes of the announcement starting social media users were commenting “oh hurry up”, “I can’t wait anymore, just say already” and “just tell us already mate”.

After 529 words and a little over four minutes into the press conference Mr Kalisch delivered the news everyone was waiting to hear: 61.6 per cent of votes were yes and 38.4 per cent were no.

The conference went for about 12 minutes in total and the end was a sigh of relief for majority of the country, especially Mr Kalisch. 

We’re live at Australian Bureau of Statistics for the result of the same-sex marriage postal vote survey, where we found out 61.6 per cent of Australians have voted yes.

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