October 17, 2017
‘His greatest trick and mask which he lures people in with is by using the word ‘family’ these people start ‘repeating’ it not knowing they have entered a ‘trap’ for the day they will also be isolated. Until then he creates abuse in their life, targets females as he did to his own daughter. He got a gang member ’embedded’ to go out with her, abused her for a decade, then isolated her kids, forever stalking her and having her abused then, isolating her with his torture gang prior to death. He lures new people in by saying ‘join the family’ they are unaware ‘they are in a trap, lured into, the Melbourne Torture Gang. Then it’s just a process of duplication as the torturer waits to torture on another day…
1: He arrived in Melbourne forty three years ago.
2: It was the chosen place for his ‘torture’.
3: He did his homework well, he is a mastermind with many “masks”.
4: That’s because a ‘Real Torturer” needs many ‘masks’ to survive.
5: The Garden State, Melbourne, was the Greatest Mask he created.
6: His ability to still exist and still ‘isolate to torture’ in our state after forty three years proves his skills in masking the many ‘tortures in isolation’ he organised and committed.
7: For him, it is always, all about him, and always all about the ‘isolation and torture.’
For illustration purposes only – (Target Victim) is for the purpose of demonstrating how by using the ‘sado stalk’ strategy on a male or female with a child over long term, the gang drive ‘fear’ resulting in moving house. The gang continue to apply this strategy until completing their goal.
8: Melbourne the Garden State back then would provide him all the ‘covers’ he needed, the endless masks he created and creates right now as I write this. For the real ‘torturer’ masks are an essential tool.
9: He tortured in isolation two children back then. Since then, the “torture in isolation’ of his victims have not stopped.
10: He always uses ‘isolation to torture.’
11; In fact, his own girl’s ‘torture’ never ended. It began when she entered the hunters trap, when she arrived in Melbourne. He ensured her ‘torture’ would not end until the day she died. On her death, he ‘isolated her with his torture gang.’
12: During that ‘isolation she was tortured.’ That was not long ago. He always ‘isolates in order to torture.’
13: he has a ‘certain hatred for females.’
14: On around the year 1985, he manipulated his own son who was becoming a young man, who he had isolated and tortured here for years to go overseas on a ‘holiday’ – that ‘holiday’ became an instant nightmare, terror in ‘isolation’.
15: There was no escape, in front of an audience, he had the young man held down by other men, and while he enjoyed his favorite glass of ‘scotch’ the boy was ‘cut’ unable to escape the ‘torture.’ He enjoyed the “torture show in isolation.’ Everyone did.
16: The real torturer has many ‘tricks.
17: Another beautiful lady he lured here from overseas, over four weeks, he tortured in isolation. She fled back, a cripple and died a cripple in one leg.
18: Another lady who was much younger than him, he lured here with ‘high hopes’ and soon after her arrival, ‘her torture in isolation commenced.’
19: He beat her in isolation endlessly, conditioning the young female who was at least ten years or more younger than him. The beatings had no end. He crushed all the hopes she had then. It didn’t take long. It never does when you’re tricked by a torturer, who lures you into his ‘isolation trap.’
20: She was beaten like a slave, and conditioned so much over thirty years and she still can’t read or write English. She catches buses, while he has a wine with some other lady. The torturer and en-slaver of females and children, a mastermind of evil, right here. It is all about him.
21: He had two children to her. The first he tortured in isolation. Then by the time he was fifteen he turned a boy with hopes and dreams, a sportsman doing computer repairs, to become ‘severely mentally ill.’ It was all done deliberately, under his own watch, again, constantly ‘isolating’ his own son, in his room.
22: Then using his gang to ‘torture’ the young boys mind with ‘sadistic images’ of his ‘female torture gang member.’
23: That vicious and cruel female torture gang member still works with him today and like she says, ‘we will never stop.’ It has been over twenty years now.
24: He gets much joy from driving the innocent mentally insane, his torture gang get much joy from this. It also ‘masks’ his tortures, as long as there is no chance of him being uncovered as the “torturer.” It’s always about him.
25: His other son fell ill, he was quick to try and ‘pull his life support’. When he was stopped, he became ‘enraged’ but someone stood up against him. That boy lived and got married and has two children.
26: The two children live in his ‘Trap House’ close to him.
27: One female, a witness said is very withdrawn, frightened and she is around 7. The observer said, the young girl is ‘mute’ to a degree. When he touches children they become ‘mute.’
27: It’s always all about him. It’s always about the ‘torture.’ It’s always in isolation.
28: He uses words to manipulate. He has many, many masks.
29: For him, children from within are an opportunity for ‘isolation and torture.’
30: Shortly after their birth, he used his own girls children for his pre-planned and designed methods of organised ‘isolation in order to torture them.’ He destroyed them in isolation and some still suffer today.
31: He manipulates, lures, entraps, keeps the victims to be at arms reach through his ‘Torture Gang” in Melbourne and when no one is looking, he ‘isolates them more’ for their ‘real torture in isolation.”
32: For him, the ‘torture parties in isolation’ have never ended.
33: Torturing so many. Destroying so many lives. Even one life is too many. All by his mastermind of pre-designed planning and organised methods.
34: Forty three years the ‘torturer’ has lurked amongst us in the Melbourne community. Now, he has a whole crew of ‘torturers’ hunting to ‘torture’ searching for victims in an organised manner.

35: Not even now and even when he is unmasked, will he let those held by his long term ‘torture gang’ members ‘go’ or let people get any professional help. Through others, they are a hostage to him, a hostage – manipulated unknown to them of the torturer. Manipulated and in waiting for the day they will be isolated for his torture. Although a child is under the age of eighteen, a child under the age of ten has ‘no hope’ and ‘no chance’ and from his past forty three years of torture that child would not have been spared from isolation and torture right here.
36: When two girls fell ill, after being hunted and abused for so many years, he used that opportunity to drive fear in them more. His torture gang came alive, scaring and stalking the girls. driving them to more illness. They never had a chance. All for the thrill of the time when they would be surrounded by him and his torture gang in ‘isolation.’ Is there any wonder why he ‘isolated them?’
37: Is there any question why one was observed by witnesses pleading for the ‘torture’ to end the day before she died?’ Keeping her hidden for approximately and most of three months prior to her death. Isolated by him and his ‘torture gang.’
38: For him, the real torture never ends. It’s all about him. It’s all about the torture in ‘isolation.’
39: He designed an ‘endless stalk’ which is for those of his child torture victims, that escape or try to escape, his torture gang ensure, they can never be free. They are stalked endlessly, driving young people to illness, in order to be captured and then ‘isolated for torture. The torturer has many tricks.
40: One of the females he isolated with his ‘Melbourne Torture Gang’ had a masked man cut off a piece of her hair in the backyard of her home, conveniently when no parent was around.
41: Years before that, his own daughter was attacked by a ‘masked man’ in the middle of the night.
42: The two victims isolated by him and his torture gang, were both mother and daughter, both victims of the silencer, the masked torturer. Their tortures were long, isolated for months. Degraded in their ill and helpless state.
43: He even ensured, the man that bashed his own girl for years, with bats and burned her with ‘irons’ a man she hated, was there right with him during the ‘isolation’. That’s because for forty three years, they are a part of the same torture gang.
44: An observer said, his girl was given something to drink from the man she hated in her helpless state and they masked it as ‘alcohol.’ She then ‘took a bad turn.’
45: When she died, they rushed her out of her home, which she had paid off all of her life, never seeing those people. But of course, the torture gang, took over the assets. Assets that were meant for her children. Her autistic son. Her abused daughter.
46: But he went to the house of the man she hated, burning her with irons, negotiating about his girls property. It’s all about him. It’s all about the torture.
47: The way he and the Melbourne Torture Gang positioned their homes was in order to divert ‘attention’ from him, the real Torturer, because if he falls, then the torture gang will fall.
48: During the funeral of his girl, that was scheduled for 2pm, she was rushed and buried by 1.30pm, as one observer said. He made sure, some could not attend even the funeral. He has that much to hide.
49: He even used the funeral as an opportunity to go to the boot of his car and get a picture ‘decades’ back, a picture of him with his daughters girl sitting on his lap, when he had isolated his own daughter for many years so his torture parties could go on with ‘children.’.
50: Giving her the picture on the day of the funeral, he taunted the woman, who has many health problems due to the ‘severe isolation’ she endured. He asked her, ‘Do you remember this?’
51: She was left wondering, ‘Why on the day of her mothers funeral, he had pulled a picture from the boot of his car from a time when she was maybe four?
52: The torturer always seeking covers.
52: One of the girls isolated by them, and died, of course left a young girl behind. She is at his arms reach. The duplication of the process still goes on. The torturer lurking behind his torture gang, someone to torture and isolate always at an arms length away.
53: To taunt, they send one single image of the girl, his best mate from his 43 year crew, holding the young girls face, turning it to the camera on her birthday.
54: She is a ‘hostage of the torturers’.
55: Then it’s reported only recently, ‘the young girl is given a pooh sandwich.’
56: The young girl stays overnight once a week at his ‘best mates’ place, the one in his torture gang for the past forty three years.
57: They always have liked to get them as young as they can. Duplicating the vulgar process in isolation over and over again.
58: Children at their arms reach that are under the age of eighteen are ‘hostages’ and are in waiting for moments of ‘isolation to torture.’
59: He uses religion, a ‘mask’ to ‘enter homes’ holding prayer beads and a prayer mat, as a so called reformed man, in order to ‘stake out’ and give to his Melbourne Torture Gang information on their ‘next child victim. All organised. All pre-planned. When the mission is complete and they have what they want, he vanishes, there is no trace, and even leaves his ‘prayer beads and prayer mat behind.
60: The pain and suffering and emotional hurt and stress he has caused to so many is undeniable. He continues to do so today.
61: He sends one of his female torture gang members only recently, a few weeks back to try and ‘snatch’ another child.
62: That attempt failed. The mother and children were moved, yet again. Of course she is in fear, a young mum trying to raise her babies and this sick twisted torturer creating a gang of torturers lurking amongst us. All to ‘isolate and torture’ children, young girls and drive them ‘mentally insane.
63: With his organised network, Melbourne is not safe.
64: Who else is missing?
65: Is there others that were ‘snatched and isolated and tortured by his Melbourne Torture Gang over the past forty three years?
66: Even when the last two girls who were isolated and died, it was reported one died on the 5th and the other some weeks later on the 6th. Of course the last one of the three that remained was me.
67: Somehow they had died on 5-6 and my birthday is also 5-6.
68: The mastermind of isolation and torture loves to ‘organise’ many methods. Like his torture gang members boast, to children asking for them to stop, she replies, “We will never stop.” That message is retained.
69: We can’t stop as citizens those ‘who will never stop.’
70: Even taunting by sending a message two hours after the funeral was over, ensuring even then, ‘there was no address.’ Such actions of a lunatic mind that has existed amongst us and grown and tortured for forty three years.
71: He used and uses everyone for his own ‘mental thrill’.
72: Everyone is dispensable to him.
73: He has no regard for how many children or families lives he destroys.
74: His small circle was designed for his Melbourne Torture Gang to last forever.
75: Then he created a great new mask, using a female at the front for the past twenty years or more. Teaching her the tricks of the torturer. One of his closest strengths. A woman who has like him, a ‘certain hatred for children’ especially female.
76: From the day he arrived until now, he has never changed.
77: He hides in a house that looks like it should have been knocked down thirty years ago. It provides amazing ‘cover’, it is yet another amazing ‘mask.’
78: I went to see him weeks back to tell him to ‘end the torture’. At the time he was near his favorite TAB venue, I went to give him a letter, that his torture must end. But when he saw me, the torturer ‘fled.’
79: When one of the girls was begging for the ‘torture’ to stop the day before she died, her dad had just returned from Geelong. He goes to Geelong because his family are vastly involved in medicine. That way he can find out ways to ‘mask’ whatever has been applied to her.
80: It’s a long way from Geelong to the Peninsula especially for a caring father to be so far away when his daughter is about to die. Most dad’s would be right beside them in their last moments.
81: But as it was observed not only was she begging for the ‘torture’ in isolation to stop, when she wanted to buzz the nurse for help, he held the buzzer in his hand refusing to give it to her, refusing to even press the button for her.
82: On one occasion someone could actually ‘enter the house and break the isolation of a few months, he was observed to be ‘mixing a drink again, in the garage for his daughter.’
83: His other girl was so upset because she said, for the last month while her sister was alive, he had even isolated her from visiting and she could not even see her own sister. She only lives around fifteen minutes drive away.
84: When she tried to run away from the cruelty they imposed, she was pursued so far that he camped in front of her home. That’s because they ‘hunt’ the child victims. The same girl who had her hair ‘cut’ by the ‘masked man’ is the same girl who had one of them camp right at the front of her house. That’s how they apply a ‘mask.’ Endlessly stalked. Driven to illness in order to ‘isolate and torture. That was her and her mothers life. Now her daughter begins the cycle of ‘isolation and torture’ and to be ‘hunted’.
85: Why would it be any different? It is what the Melbourne Torture Gang have applied to the victims we know of and what about the victims ‘we don’t know about?’
89: Consider a ‘torture gang’ that is highly organised, they even have ‘trades and services’ people who will ‘stake you and your home out for six years just in order to pre-plan and organise harm to one of your loved ones. Rob you and leave you in a life of chaos while the torturer ‘isolates in order to torture’ again.
90: From a small family, he created a gang and the gang would be the Melbourne Torture Gang.
91: Anyone not in the gang would be the tortured. There is no middle ground, because for him, it’s always about the torture.
92: With his manipulation, he has even networked and infiltrated ‘mosques’ – as always ‘eyeing for new victims’ for his torture gang.
93: His organised crew of torturers are on the hunt in our streets and homes, all across Melbourne with his network of male and females ‘staking out’ – service and trades people ‘staking out’ innocent families that could one day fall victim to the lure of the ‘torturers trap’ in isolation. They work with patience. They work undercover. They don’t leave a massive trail. It is all organised.
94: It is time, after forty three years, the organisation he created the Melbourne Torture Gang which includes male and female torturers that work with him in a coordinated effort and ‘isolate and torture children’ is shut down – and the ‘silent terror in Melbourne comes to an end.
95: There is no place for terror and torture in the garden state and until he is stopped, families and the community is at massive risk of becoming a victim of ‘torture in isolation.’
96: His supply of victims is running low because right now, adults and babies are his victims so with us, five removed and there are more torturers in his gang. So this would mean, he will need to find more victims because for the real ‘torturer, the torture never ends’..

By, JRC, – BREAKING NEWS! – WARNING MELBOURNE COMMUNITY: Be-careful as Melbourne Torture Gang has Trades & Services People That Will Stake Out Your Home in Order To Get Vital Information About You & Your Family

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