–A nightmare caught on camera

May 27, 2017

Amazing mouse plague captured by farmer Gav Lehmann on his property at Warnertown near Port Pirie. Source: Facebook/Gav Lehmann

A grab from Gav Lehmann’s video at the Warnertown property near Port Pirie.

IT IS the stuff of nightmares for those who fear mice but one brave Adelaide man has captured the moment hundreds of the rodents fled for their lives in the Mid North.

Gavin Lehmann was working at a Warnertown property about 10.30pm on Friday night when he was confronted by tens of thousands of mice which scampered in all directions when they realised a human was nearby.

“I just went around the corner and there they were,” he said.

Undeterred by the chaotic scene, Mr Lehmann, 58, switched on his mobile phone camera and pressed ‘record’.

A grab from Gav Lehmann's video at the Warnertown property near Port Pirie.

A grab from Gav Lehmann’s video at the Warnertown property near Port Pirie.Source:The Advertiser

“You just hope they don’t run up your leg,” he said.

“By the time I switched my camera on, I probably missed half of them.

“The ground was almost black.”

Mr Lehmann uploaded the 20-second clip onto his Facebook page.

A mice plague, brought on by South Australia’s wettest summer in almost 80 years, is affecting various regions across the state, including the Adelaide Plains, Mid North, Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula.

Properties in Adelaide’s south have also been affected.

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